Jak Aversion
Born: June 24th, 1984
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
  • 33 (As of 2017)
  • 44 (As of 2028)
  • 45 (As of 2029)
  • 53 (As of 2037)

Mora Kusikia (Little Sister)

  • Leader of the Aversion Legion
  • Master of Blades
Fire Arms United Nazi War Era...

The Plague Era...

War of The Powers Era...

Known For: Martial Arts
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Jak Aversion previously known as Zero, until 2013, Is known too be one of the second major Minor Characters of the United Nazi War. He is skilled at Blades and is a master shot when it comes too small arms. He is one Nolan Ross's closets friends, and is known to be a huge fan of both Karate, Anime and Dojo Martial Arts.

His skills with a Sword proved very successful in keeping him alive during the Events of the United Nazi War in Nazi Occupied New England where he worked with Nolan Ross countless times in trying to break the occupation despite lack of success, they found useful information on Nazi Secrets such as the Ratte Super tank, and the Liquid Anti Aging Serum of Youth in which kept Nazi Germany in existence.

After the United Nazi War's end in 2017, Aversion was reunited with his girl friend Sarah Hola, who was captured during the war, and would spent the rest of his life back in California.

He is also commonly known to have created the Third Power alongside Shadow Hill in 2023, just 1 year before the events of the Plague Uprising.

Early Years Edit

The Second Nero WarEdit

The United Nazi WarEdit

Launch of U-505Edit

Battle of Gara HillEdit

Battle of AerialEdit

Battle of BerlinEdit

Post to the United Nazi WarEdit

The Third Nero WarEdit

Creating the Magnetic PowerEdit

Main article: Magnetic Power

Plague UprisingEdit

Skills with Blades Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jak Aversion is shown to be a huge fan of Megaman Zero, and bares a strong resemblance to Megaman Zero only with a little more childish and a strong sense of humor personality...
  • It was possible that Jak Aversion may have been inspired by Nolan Ross's creative thoughts in which allowed them to become close friends...
  • Jak Aversion is more of a Solo man, but won't hesitate to fight alongside his Aversion Legion during an Emergency...
  • Like 2091riveraisrael, Zero's name remains officially unknown, until 2013, where it was discovered to be Jak Aversion...
    • 2091riveraisrael's name would be revealed 24 years later in 2037, where he was Identified as Nolan Ross...
  • Before Jak Aversion, Zero was officially the name of this character, before series 2091riveraisrael created a new name for him in 2014, just like he created a name for his 2091riveraisrael counter part in the Alternate History timeline...
  • Jak Aversion used The Rapid Power 4 times during the United Nazi War...
    • Once where he took out a Panther, while sitting down, during the Raid in Moses, in August 2nd, 2012...
    • A second time where he managed to cover Nolan Ross and Terrance Carmor, while attempting to escape a German patrol in Manhattan Island, before Jak himself climbed the Wall...
    • A Third Time, when Jak, and Nolan found the main Youth Tank in Aerial, where he used the Power to destroy the tank containing the Youth Serum...
    • And a Fourth Time, during the Battle of Berlin, where Jak uses the Power in order to destroy a German Night Walker when Nolan Ross, was in another part of the city, providing cover for US forces...
  • Jak Aversion was known to be experienced more with hand held fire arms, and blades than with actual Rifles, though he has been shown to use the Rapid Power with no problem, signifying that he can use rifles if he wished...

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