Kar is a large New England, rural town located miles outside of Rerora New Hampshire New England, in a quiet urban area inside the Carol Mountains near the Boarder of Upstate New York.

This town is seen to be a large major Vacationing Resort to the U.A.B.F, as well as the Countries most largest population of both Russian, and Eastern European Immigrant Locals.

The Town was attacked and vertically occupied by Nazi Germany on November 9th, 2011 in which would begin the 6 year United Nazi War, during the town's occupation multiple Resistance Cells, would continue to Battle the Occupation until the Town's Liberation in 2015.

History Edit


Modern EraEdit

It was hinted by Jake Badman, that he heard several Gunshots and Explosions coming from outside the Town, hinting that the United States Inland Military made some attempt to recapture the town in order to help break the Nazi Occupation deep within New England.

Gunfire and explosions were heard by more Resistance Cells located in the Towns country side after escaping their main Head Quarters at a Construction site, as the military engaged a large Column of Nazi Forces in the town.

Unfortunately however In the end, the military was forced to retreat and pull out of the town as more and more Germans appeared from all over New Hampshire and outnumbered the troops.

A military helicopter that was also on the retreat was fired upon by German soldier wielding a Panzershrek from one of the Towns Construction yards, where it ended up crashing through the roof of the store sometime later.

Trivia Edit

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