Kara Leina Larson
Kara Leina Rivera
Born: April 5th, 1996
Died: April 4th, 2028
Status: Deceased... 
Gender: Female
Age: 34' (As of 2028)
  • Mola Leina (Mother)
  • Bon Leina (Father)
Adopted Parents:
  • Laura Larson (Adopted Mother)
  • Carl Larson (Adopted Father)
  • Nolan Ross (Adopted Brother/Love Interest)
Love Interest: Nolan Ross
  • Leader of the Kara Legion
  • Leader of the 2091Kittredge Legion
  • Babysitter of Sarah Malian
Fire Arms The PLAGUE

Kara Leina Larson Also known to be called Kit Kittredge mostly due to her being a fan of the United States Film American Girl Kit Kittredge Movie starred by Abigail Breslin in 2008, is the young adopted sister of Nolan Ross.

Early Life Edit

Kara Amelia Leina, was born on April 5th, 1996, In Cincinnati City Michigan. She was brought into the world from within the hands of both Bon, and Mona Leina, but during her birth, her parents suddenly passed a way from a car accident, while on the way to retrieve her from the hospital, forcing her to be put up for adoption. At the age of about 9 months, Kara remained at the hospital, where she would later be transferred into a foster home where she would remain until 2004, when Carl, and Laura Larson, would arrive in order to release her from her endless suffers.

Adoption In 2003Edit

Kara would be adopted on June 4th, of 2004 at age 8, where she was automatically renamed from Kara Amelia Leina, into Kara Leina Larson. Kara grew quickly to her new parents, and began to treat them as if they were her actual parents. At age 10 she was told the truth about what happend to her real parents, in which caused her to be scared in the heart for all etrnity, but as the times moved by she eventually healed from her pain over the loss of her parents, and continued to grow a bond with her new family. However elder son of Carl, and Laura 2091riveraisrael would always tell Kara stories on his Idea of The PROJECT, something that he has come up with since the early 2000's, and dreamed about since the late 80's. 

Kara at age 11 would always enjoy listening to 2091riveraisrael's stories concerning web series about the famous Japanese monster Godzilla, the return of the General Lee from the famous TV Series, Dukes of Hazzard, that aired since the late 70's but stopped in the mid 90's. Through out her life Kara started to grow a bond towards her older brother that was higher than even her parents, this bond would later grow into a crush, than later into romance. Karla was always a fan of the American girl series, and would often watch every single one that they would make in the movie theater, as well as reading the books.

However after winning a contest in April 7th, 2008, at age 12. Kara was choosen to star as the new American girl Character Kit Kittredge. After her movie, she became a huge found of 1930's dresses, and began to wear them more often than she used to do with her original clothes. She even would go as far as to wearing them to school, outside, the movie theater, and while she is sleeping. Despite her close bond with her parents,  Kara never knew that 2091riveraisrael before her arrival had been suffering abuse from Laura, and would often gently turn down any efforts that 2091 tells her on what Laura really is. It wouldn't be until 2009, when she finds out what her mother is really like to her love interest.

Personality Edit

Kara has a very kind personality, and most of all a loving side of her new family. Kara however can detain a bad side, once in a while if some one should insult her brother, or if 2091riveraisrael himself starts ignoring her tutoring sections. Kara stated before the Cincinnati City Invasion of Operation Kittredge, in later November, that her anger towards her older brother almost caused her to explode.

Leadership Edit

Relationships Edit

Nolan RossEdit

2091riveraisrael is Kara's adopted Brother, and primary Love interest, the 2 share a great compashion when around each other, as she enjoys listening too 2091's scifi Stories and other ideas that he has in mind from his creativity. The 2 however some times has down sides in there relationship, like in certain times 2091 would often get annoyed from Kara's over protectiveness and her always wanting too be around him every 5 minutes. Kara also bares annoyance too 2091riveraisrael's nonstop blasting of loud music in which some days keeps her up all night, some times it also bugs her while she is tryin too do homework. These major downfalls would often cause Kara too lose her temper in which 2091riveraisrael seems too take a liking to, and would often some times pull endless antics on her just too make her even angrier.

A perfect example of these antics was when Kara tutored 2091 for a test one night and put all of her efforts into it only for her to get pulled out right in the middle of class where she soon discovers that 2091 had ignored her teachings, in which causes her to rant at him all night revealing that she was so angry, she nearly exploded. A second time occured by accident in which soon sparked a war between the 2, only for 2091 too be defeated by both Kara, and Jack.

After the first Nero War, Kara took posetion of 2091riveraisrael's war efforts revealing that she will give it back to him in 3 months. 2091's finnancial problems soon gets the better of the E.P and they launch a second war in an attempt too retreive the funds again, Kara heavily annoyed hides the funds in her tree house before fighting her brother along side her father again, 2091 is once again forced back, but strived any further advances with an Electrical rifle that is so powerful it could destroy an entire tank in a single blast. During the Second Nero War's final days 2091 began to work up some defense strategies until a grenade was thrown from an unknown origin and exploded injuring him in the proces.

After being relased from the hospital and learning that the grenade was in fact from one of Kara's forces, 2091 began workin on the plans for surrender now knowing how far she was willing too go and even went as far as going back to Cincinnati City and confrontation her in her Tree house. Despite her refusing to come down or talk due to anger of him unleashing the war to begin with, 2091 on the other hand believed that she was angry cause he wasn't dead. He than left the surrender Documents right at the trunk, than responded to her in the tree stating that he will never save his fan Militia from being thrown out of their homes now that she took his War efforts last year, and even mentioned the grenade explosion, which really sparked her surprise.

Kara came outta of the tree as soon as 2091riveraisrael turned his back, and just slowly walked up to him. She stated that all she wanted to do was to have him spend time with her like he used to before Echo Park, and even spoke up sayin that she had nothin too do with the Grenade Assassination, Kara offers him a deal that she will give him back the War Effort, and if 2091 agrees to move back in with her, mom, and father, 2091 agreed finally ending the war, with Kara giving him a large hug Ending the Second Nero War and strengthening her relationship with him even more.

As Kara turned 14, she began too spend much time in the Libraries where she eventually gained an interest in books. 2091 was often abused by Laura ever time she was gone, mostly due too the fact of Carl Larson no longer being present due too a new job that he received in Ford Town. Kara began too see 2091's strange behavior and started worrying, 2091 attempted too try and tell her that Laura was freakin him out, but Kara as always turns down the situation and reveals that it's probably his Imagination running wild again.

4 Days later, 2091 is thrown out during a violent storm in which has him sittin hopelessly on the porch with nothin to do but get drenched from the endless downpour. Kara eventually returned from the Library with her rain coat, winter gloves and Umbrella, she is horrified too se 2091 out in the rain, and automatically brings him inside the house and dries him.

He once again tries too rat out Laura but is once again turned down but she dose go up to Laura where she asked why 2091 was out side only for her too lie and say that he chose to go out and play, until the next day when it was snowing and she witnessed him getting tossed out into the snow.

She than got her hopes up again and even went as far as too sneakin 2091 back in the house, after calling Jack In Ford Town she later learns of the terrible truth on what happens while she is not there. Enraged Kara storms into 2091's room with water and soaks his head, revealing the scars that he had been hiddin from her during the passed 8 years.

Now Furious Kara confronts Laura and ends up with an argument with her threatening too call the police, but Laura counters Kara's threats by revealing a drawing of both her and 2091 holding hands, while on the back of the picture it reveals 2091 and Kara fore head too fore head where it reads 2091 And me written in a large heart. Kara is horrified and embarrassed when she sees it. Laura than gives Kara the chance too call the police only for her too reveal too 2091riveraisrael that Kara really thinks of him as a boyfriend. Angered Kara doesn't call the police but instead storms out, leaving Laura too laugh in victory.

Kara than moved 2091 with her in the attic, where she spent more time in the house and less time in the library, but as well keeping a close eye on Laura.

Laura LarsonEdit

Carl LarsonEdit

Jack Larson is Kara's adopted father. He is trying very hard to help Kara for her future in which she harbors a strong relationship towards, he stands there by her and by his family except his wife's stupidity in abusing 2091riveraisrael in which he gets deeply annoyed by, but it's hard. Their family is facing financial trouble just following the end of the Second Nero War due too damaged caused by the war, plus 2091riveraisrael's hospital stay following the grenade Assassination.

During After Kara turned 13, she began too grow suspicions on why 2091riveraisrael was always being left all the time out in the rain or during a freezing Blizzard, but one night Kara discovered a cut on 20's head that he missed while he hides the wounds, at first she was unfazed and thought he hurt himself from probrobly doin more Projects, she was still worried though, but leaving 2091 out in the rain caught her concerns. She called Jack and reported it, only too discover that her mother had been abusing him all the times since he was gone, and every time she is gone. Kara remembered her father for even for this.

Tarah HarlemEdit

Not much is known on Kara's Relations with Tarah Harlem, but rumor has it, that she might have been jealous of her due too 2091riveraisrael spending more time with Tarah than she used too do with her. It is possible that the 2 are rivals.

Sarah MalianEdit

Eras Edit

First Nero WarEdit

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Second Nero WarEdit

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The United Nazi WarEdit

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The Third Nero WarEdit

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