Battle of Poland
Date: September 31st, 2012 - October 21st, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War

Arrived Late

Region: Poland, Eastern Europe
Status: Russian Victory...
  • Nazi Germany Abandons Invasion of Eastern Europe...
  • Russia remains Neutral...
  • Polish Resistance dissolved...
  • Germany locks down the Eastern border lines...


The Liberation of Poland was a major event that occured immiediatly after the Invasion of Russia on September 30th, and marked a historical turn in Polish History featuring Russia's return to Poland after the nation had been occupied by Nazi Germany a month before. The Liberation started on September 31st on the Polish town of Narkorov, where despite Nazi Germany having to have held a tight hold on the country, Polish resistance fighters along with the approaching Russian Federation military would cause an early downfall to Nazi Occupied Poland.

Nazi Germany, after losing Poland than abandoned their second and only attempt on Invading Russia, and withdrew back towards Germany. After the Liberation of Poland, the Russian Federation, never made a determined attack against Nazi Germany much to the worlds surprise, and decided to instead remain Neutral throughout the remainder of the War.

Nazi Germany never again launched another attack on Eastern Europe following their defeats in both Russia and Poland in the early fall of 2012.