Ludendorff Bridge
The Ludendorff Bridge


Destroyed: March 17th, 1945
Reconstructed: 2008
Destroyed: February 2nd, 2017

Grün & Bilfinger

Owend By:
Region: Remagen, Germany

Railway Bridge

Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Ludendorff Bridge (sometimes referred to as the Bridge at Remagen) was in early March 1945 one of two remaining bridges across the River Rhine in Germany when it was captured during the Battle of Remagen by United States Army forces during the closing weeks of World War II. Built in World War I to help deliver reinforcements and supplies to the German troops on the Western Front, it connected Remagen on the west bank and the village of Erpel on the eastern side between two hills flanking the river.

At the end of Operation Lumberjack (March 1–7, 1945), the troops of the American 1st Army approached Remagen and were surprised to find that the bridge was still standing. Its capture enabled the U.S. Army to establish a bridgehead on the eastern side of the Rhine.

After the U.S. forces captured the bridge, Germany tried to destroy it multiple times until it collapsed on March 17, 1945, ten days after it was captured, killing 18 U.S. Army Engineers.

While it stood, the bridge enabled the U.S. Army to deploy 25,000 troops, six Army divisions, with many tanks, artillery pieces and trucks, across the Rhine. It was never rebuilt after the Second World War, where after which the towers on the west bank were converted into a museum and the towers on the east bank are a performing art space.

However the Bridge site was taken by Nazi Germany following their Emergence in 2004, and was once again reconstructed, by the SS under the direction of Adolf Hitler.

Despite multiple attacks from both German Resistance in Remagen and Netherlandic Military Intervention from across the Rhine, Nazi Germany was able to once again reconstruct the Ludenorff Bridge by 2008, along with a second bridge called the Rhine Bor, Where it was used during Nazi Germany's second Blitz attack against Europe 4 years later.

The Ludendorff by 2017 was once again destroyed by American B-52 Bombers during the end events of the United Nazi War, and was once again put to rest, at the bottom of the Rhine River, after the Invasion and end of Nazi Germany a year after in 2018, the Bridge was once again preserved as a Mueseum piece while the Rhine Bor, remained property of the german government by 2018.


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