Maggie Frank
Margarine Frank
Born: June 12th, 1987
Status: Alive... 
Love Interest:
Gender: Female
Age: 31  (As of 2017)
Nationality: German
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Maggie Frank most commonly referred too as either Madie Frank, Marge Frank or even by her real name Anne Frank, was clearly known as the Reincarnational being of the Deceased Anne Frank, she holds the same talents, behavior, and writing skills as those as Anne Frank, and also was born on the same exact day as Anne Frank's exact date, on June 12h, only instead of the year being 1929, it was 1987.

At the time of the years even during the German Civil War, Maggie Frank never knew who she really was until the United Nazi War was unleashed against New England, a place in the North Eastern United States where she was hiding from Nazi Germany during the German Civil War, where she easily befriends Nolan Ross with a strong friendship, and contains romantic feelings for Otto Hernitz.

After being captured a second time on August 1st, 2013 she would soon discover The Diary of Anne Frank, in which jogged her memory of the time of the Holocaust and how she was in hiding from 1941 until 1944.

It was from here on that Maggie Frank had discovered that she was Anne Frank, just reincarnated. Unlike Anne Frank who died in 1945, Maggie Frank was the only one to survive the United Nazi War.

Early Life Edit

Maggie Frank was born on the exact same day as Anne Frank only in a different Year. Born In Frankfurt Germany in 1987, She spent most of her child hood days similar too those of Anne Frank. Maggie loved her parents more than anything along with her older sister, Olga Frank, in which the 2 share an unspeakable bond that can no longer be broken.

Like Anne Frank, Maggie was an expert in school around Frankfurt and even went as far as to stayin several hours after school just too learn more.

On January 15th, 1999 Maggie at age 12 started growing a strong bond with children that were about 6 years younger than her and began to conduct tutoring sessions for them. She later met Nolan Ross in her youngest years at age 3 who was about 3 years older than her, and the two developed a strong friendship.

Maggie would soon grow a small crush on Nolan Ross as she reached age 5 and would often tease and prank him just for fun much to his annoyance in which he gets pay back afterwards.

They spent times at the beach and beyond, until 1992, when 2091 was finally forced back into livin in the United States much to his disgrace. Maggie whom was 5 years old at the time would never forget his face.

which would last until she turned 14 in 2001, even going farther beyond that as well. From age 14 and up Maggie began teaching more kids with special needs on how to write read and even German History, but never mentioned on what happened too Anne Frank, Mostly due to the fact that she had no memory of what happened back then, due to reincarnation, although she did learn up in school about the Holocaust and events of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

It was later decided that Maggie wanted too become a Teacher when she becomes an adult, and even went on as too trying to become one starting from age 13 to age 14, she was always turned down mostly due to her tender age, but was respected highly by the teachers of Frankfurt, who instead of making her a teacher gave her the opportunity to become a tutor instead.

Writing Talents & SuspicionsEdit

Margarine at age 18
From age 12 and up, Maggie began writing novels, about survivors of the Holocaust, and also about fictional stories that concerned romance about school teens. Her talents despite her parents being proud on her special gift would later become suspicious, on her writings, which for some reason towards their point of view bared a strong resemblance to Anne Frank's writing skills and works.

One night while Maggie was asleep, Olga entered her room and read one of her stories along side her parents. They soon discovered that Maggie's writing styles matches closely to the writings of The Diary of a Young Girl written by Anne Frank, and published by Otto Frank, in 1947.

Despite this shocking discovery, Hans Frank, and Gloria Frank, had huge doubts of Maggie actually being the exact same as Anne Frank, and decided to just drop the subject, and wait it out until they  were able to find out more from Maggie's talents, in hopes of cracking the mystery that would lead them to other link sources of her connection with Anne Frank.

Olga with Margarine's Work

Olga sneaks into Maggie Room too read her work, only to discover that it matches the exact same stroke as Anne Frank's writtings

Another link was discovered when Maggie turned 14, in 2001 when Olga actually noticed  a large difference in Margarine as she grew older.

At age 14 she closely resembled Anne Frank,  she even had another link that would also be discovered by her family when she turned 15 mostly due too the fact that she enjoys wearing 1940's clothing rather than clothing of the 21st century.

Though these discoveries were even more shocking than those of the first, Maggie was never questioned nor told about these god like reincarnation gifts, mostly due to her family fearing that she might consider them of acting insane or incompetent, to even think or believe that she could be Anne Frank reincarnated.

Maggie continued her writings and began to write a diary in which she kept all of her secrets and personal thoughts too herself in a notebook, where at the same time she would often hide this book in her dresser drawer.

One night during a conversation with Olga, Maggie mentioned multiple quotes that Anne said while they were in hiding, stating that one day they were gonna grow up too become modern women. This one little quote, broke the line, and now got Olga Frank to truly believe that her baby sister really could be Anne Frank.

The next morning Olga eventually told her parents, whom later agreed after a small conversation that they would talk too Margarine about the situation on who they think she really is tomorrow. Sadly That time would never occur.

The German Civil WarEdit

Margarine With Hans Frank

17 year old Maggie with her father Shocked to Learn that Nazi Germany had returned.

One day without warning 2 months before Maggie's 17th, birthday in 2004. Berlin's media went beyond the charts all over the country in which would spark fear into Maggie's family, as well as Maggie herself, mostly due to her Jewish heritage and not memories of the Holocaust.

On May 25th, Nazi Germany had breached the surface from the museum Fuhrerbunker in Reich Chancellery's garden museum park. Despite this massive invasion The Franks decided to remain in Frankfurt after lerarning about Nazi Germany's outdation to the major powers of the 21st Century, in hopes that the German self defence forces would repel the attack. Some people in Frankfurt believed that the attack would be quelled in just 4 hours, while others beleived it would be quelled in seconds. They were wrong.

4 days following the Nazi Occupation of Berlin, The SS conducted major strategies in which lored much of Germany's Armed Democratic forces into one area in Berlin where they would be wiped out by a counter attack that was waiting. These massive attacks continued to occur all over Berlin until 2005.

The German Civil War later began to take a toll for the worst, when Nazi Germany began too once again expand there territory making life even more difficult for the Democratic armed forces, by June 1st, 2005 Nazi Germany had reached Frankfurt and the city was reduced into ruins from endless street too street battles between Democratic Germans and Nazi Germans. After two months of suffering Nazi Germany began to gain the upper hand in the battle for Frankfurt and now had the Democratic Germans forced out towards the cities suburbs too the east. The Franks now knowing there time was lost decided to abandon Frankfurt and flee by air towards the United States, the only country out of reach of Nazi Germany.

Marggie along with her family began to make their way out of Frankfurt in the Night in hopes that Nazi Guards wouldn't discover them, but one man betrayed the group of fleeing German refugees and the SS began too arrest and surround the entire group shooting many others who were unable to escape, sending the others into labor in order to construct new concentration camps around Germany.

Maggie was separated from her parents and older sister during the night attack, and was transported by train back towards Berlin. However a Democratic air raid soon attacked the train demolishing the tracks causing it to derail. This effect caused Maggie to become unconscious from the impact. 14 Hours later she emerged alive from the ruined train and realized that the wreck had been abandoned, mostly due to the fact of no Nazi Guards escapin the blast. However unfortunately much to her horror neither did the passengers who were also riding along side her before the attack survived the impact.

After a days walk through Nazi Territory Maggie had hopped to find her family alive and intact, but while on the way through the streets of Kornex. She would soon discover the sad truth on what happened to her older sister Olga, she would spend 4 days crying while in hiding from German Patrols about 21 miles outside Kornex, but one night Maggie Franks best friend Bruno Han informed her that her father was still alive in one of the Work camps at Kornex.

Maggie now worried travels too Kronex by bus, and arrives at Camp Fuhrer, where she is finally reunited with her father Hans Frank, (Her being Outside the Camp Fence, Hans Being Inside the Camp Fence) but she is horrified on what the SS Have done too him during the last couple of weeks. After a brief conversation Hans orders Maggie too get out of Germany, and escape too the United States not wanting her to suffer the same fate as Anne Frank did. At first Margarine didn't know who he was talking about but she was mostly blinded by tears and sadness not wanting to leave her father.

Hans promises that he would always be with her even if he is not alive, and also stated that one of these days in her future she will discover who she really is inside and out. There conversation was cut short after he handed her the last pass port too Kornex the last city in Germany not under Nazi occupation, when he orders her to head over too the nearst airport and escape Germany. Nazi Guards would later discover hans conversation from the Watch Towers in which soon led too the SS arresting him right in front of his daughter, Maggie could do nothin but cry.

3 days after Maggie decided to follow her fathers promise and she made her way too Kornex Harbor where she boarded an aircrfat and flew out off Germany.

While in the air she took a long look back as she began to cry as she could see Kornex Burning and the Luftwaffe pounding the citizens below. She landed in Jada New England hours after where she would spend the rest of her life in hiding from Nazi Germany, and writing too her father in which she hopes that he is still alive in Germany.

Hiding from Nazi Germany Edit

Margarine in New England

Maggie Arrives in New England in 2005...

Upon arriving in the United States at Age 18 in 2005, Maggie spent most of her time teaching children, and writing to her father in Germany. She never received her driver's license and would often take cabs or walk to her destinations from her home in Willin Square.

Her love of children would soon get her paid as she soon began to babysit kids treating them as they were her own personal children, despite such a well paying job Maggie never liked being payed to watch after kids and stated to most of their parents "that she dose it because she loves children." After receiving money Maggie was able to pay for High School in which she obtained Ford High On September 14th, 2005. In her freshman years she was often made fun of due to the fact of her love of 1940's clothing and was often called poor by a lot of the teens.

As the days continued on Maggie would often ignore the insults caused by the bullies in school and would focus more on her school work, which would soon allow her into becoming a straight A Student in the entire class. However her temper finally snapped when a boy a year older than her insulted her parents stating that they could no longer afford a grain of sand, and she was suspended for 4 days after beating the kid up. Before her suspicion and after she beated up the Bully, she started yelling at the whole school telling them that she has no family anymore and that the Nazi's Killed them all. Many of the students laughed at this outburst, but many didn't laugh and actually felt bad for Margarine thinking that she might be having mental problems, or that she was referring to Neo Nazi's, at the time from 2005-2011 Nazi Germany was never revealed until The Blitz of November 9th, 2011. When she returned no one In Ford High insulted her ever again, and she began to quickly make friends.

In 2007, Maggie graduated from Ford High, and continued her career in Jada as both a tutor and babysitter. However 3 weeks before her graduation from Ford High. Margarine while reading in the school's library soon fell in love with a Foreign exchange student from Austria, Otto Hernitz, at one point Otto was no longer talkative and was mostly distant between the other kids, but on November 2nd, 2006 Margarine introduced herself to him and the 2 developed a strong friendship that would later turn into romance. Maggie was often teased by her friends even after High School.

One day in the summer of 2009, Maggie now age 22, started associating with her writings once more where she won many awards for her works, and even managed to get a couple of her books published as well.

A change of events occured on October 1st, 2009, when she was defeated for the first time a contest for best writings, coming in 2nd place for best writings.

Margarine Hiding In Jada

Maggie at her home at Willin Square in Jada Upstate New York...

It was from here that Maggie would be reunited with Nolan Ross, in which she had known since he used to live in Germany from 1984-1991.

On December 20th 2009 Maggie attempted to teach 1st graders again but was dropped again mostly due to her German Nationality and Immigrant ID.

She later launched a petition in order to allow Foreign citizens to teach in schools for that Children deserve better than such ruthless behavior.

Despite such a successful march, Nolan came with grave news that the Petition was foiled due to Republican Lawyers Suing every person in the petition including her. Now in dept Maggie scrapped her dreams of becoming a teacher, and continued on with babysitting and tutoring that would last throughout the year 2010 until she can pay off the sue funds. By early 2011 Maggie payed off the funds, but was ripped off by the bank, causing her to become separated from her money.

Margarine spent many months in 2011 trying to fight the bank in order to allow her back into her account, but lost in every turn.

Finally realizing that she had lost all her money, On November 8th, Maggie sold her second house that she purchased at Wasson Ave, in order to pay off the banks in order to allow her entry back in her account. The account worked and Maggie was once again enrolled back into her account allowing her access to her money again.

In the morning of November 9th, 2011 Maggie's worst fears have been realized, while in the kitchen cleaning Otto pulled her into the living room where he soon points at the TV showing New York city in flames. To make matters worst she even saw a Ju-87 Stuka Dive Bomber attack a large group of Americans while they were running too escape New England.

Margarine is horrified by this atrocity as the days went by. Within just 1 day, Nazi Germany showed up In the Upstate Region and occupied a sum total of over 78% of the countryside. Jada was bombed multiple times by the Luftwaffe, but was not yet occupied by land Invasion until a year later in 2012.

As 2012 arrived 2091riveraisrael continuously continued to text Margarine, until finally he was silenced on January 23rd, when Nazi Germany unleashed Operation Von Dale against South Michigan.

Jada was filled with multiple American soldiers, barricades AA Defenses, sandbags and other fortifications turning the entire city into a Fortress. Maggie feared that Nazi Germany could turn up in the city at any second, and used this time towards her advantage in order to gather supplies from around the city in order to allow her, and Otto to hide if the City should fall.

Rumor has it by most of the citizens was that Nazi forces were engaged elsewhere and no longer had the time for Jada until this very year.

One day without warning on May 1st, 2012 Nazi Germany invaded Jada occupying the entire city within 3 days, forcing Maggie and Otto to flee into hiding inside their own home, in which they barricaded themselves inside the basement, with only a TV, Sleeping bags and a supply worth of food for survival.

With each following Month Both Otto and Maggie, listened to the news non stop in hopes that the Nazi's would soon be defeated, they were wrong. On September 16th 2012, they were horrified to discover Nazi Germany had Invaded Washington D.C reducing it into a state of solid ruble.

They continued to watch this broadcast for the next 8 hours until they finally learned that the Germans were eventually repelled and forced back to New Nijmegan that was liberated in the process following the victory.

Maggie and Otto, were happy that D.C. was saved and that the U.S government had escaped the fight as well, but were no longer out of the clear yet. In 2013, food started running low, and Maggie and Otto soon found themselves without power and running water, (Most likely done from multiple air raids conducted by the U.S air force that survived the Bltiz.) Things got no better when Maggie soon discovered that the SS were picking on children and innocent people from right outside her basement, which would later fill her with a terrible rage.

However unknown to the young Couple was that Little did she realize was that while she was looking out from her basement window on July 30th, 2013 was that she was bein watched by an American Neo Nazi about 3 blocks away from her home.

Betrayal & Arrest At JadaEdit

The Unidentified American Neo Nazi that discovered Maggie Frank's hideout quickly alerted SS Guards on August 1st, 2013, and even gave them exact directions on her location at Willin Ave. While eating what little food they had left The door to the upper floor above the basement broke open with several armed SS forces storming the house. There thunderous foot steps were heard right above the Basement.

Terrified the young couple turned off all power items in the basement in hopes of not being found by the Germans.

After searching the entire house from either top to bottom, they find nothing on Maggie, or Otto, at one point the SS were about to leave thinking they've been suckered, but the U.S. Neo Nazi returns and points out that they are hiding in the Basement. Without words the basement doors are forced open and the SS find the couple against the corner hugging.

They are forced apart and brought outside where they were  forced to pack all of there belongings while under guard of SS soldiers armed with STG 44's, after words they were soon  brought into trucks where they arrived at Nekron Station, where they were forced to work until one of the prison trains arrived from the North. After 2 days of workin at Nekron Station the train arrives, and Margarine, and Otto along with other thousands of captured American jews and other races are sent by the Train Eastbound Where they departed out of Upstate New York and into central Main, toward Camp Stroughta, where they were forced into the labor camps.

Weeks passed while working in the Labor camps, and Maggie had only a little time to speak with her fiance Otto, but as the months came by, Otto Hernitz eventually died of Starvation. His death would not be discovered by Margarine until New England's liberation in November 6th of 2015.

Finding out the TruthEdit

As the days soon turned into months Maggie began to worry strongly about Otto, unaware that he had been dead for 3 days already after sacrificing himself too keep his Fiance alive with food in which he tossed every night over the fence to the female side of the camp so that Maggie would find it the next day.

As each passing week Maggie saw anger grow within her more and more as she saw innocent children being forced into labor by SS Guards, some were mauled by Nazi Guard Dogs, and tossed a side as discarded gloves.

She had hopped that one of these days she would be able to help these children find their families, if they were ever liberated.

Flies and naughts started to become a nuisance to Maggie as she was forced to strip naked in order to clean her clothes, so that she could prevent any infections caused by the irritating insects. Sometimes she even went as far as too using her own labor clothes as a blanket when it was chilly outside.

She also once used her clothes for a 3 year old girl who was cold, scared and wanted her mom, during the chilling nights of November 1st in the final months of 2013. Countless German patrols made it difficult for Maggie to leave her barracks in order to comfort children and others that were in pain. The things that she cares so much about were getting ripped away from her one piece at a time, but despite being caught multiple times by the SS and tortured painfully, she managed to for-fill it, in protecting others and Children.

After breaking too many rules, The SS planned on executing Maggie for defying the Fuhrer's orders by gassing her, along with another 43 women who were caught trying to escape into Canada and Eastward towards the sea. Maggie was forced into the gas chambers with the other 43 women, and the gas started to fill the air.

Maggie managed to survive by injuring her own hands in order to leave the door open for some of the gas to run off outside, but the other 43 women perished due to the intense toxic particles filling the room, which suffocated them to death.

Realizing that Maggie was not gassed, the SS decided to have her work to death, and through her back into the barracks, where she nearly broke her shoulder. In the early months of 2014. Maggie continued to work along side others cold, hunger, exhaustion, heat and rain started to get the better of her, she knew she was gonna collapse any second or die from either working to hard, starvation, or Disease.

A Disaster soon struck Maine, on February 1st, 2014 where a hurricane was quickly approaching the state, in which forced the SS to abandon all torture for a little bit and wait with all personal including Jews and other races indoors until the Hurricane Passed by.

Despite all Personal being indoors There were a couple of Guards outside patrolling from both the Towers, and the camp grounds making sure no one is present outside his or her barracks otherwise they would be shot on the spot, this event would continue until Hurricane Roleman's Pass.

The Hurricane struck the camp and caused massive damage and power outages towards Stroughta's Power supply, this would later forced the exhausted jews into even more hard labor.

However one night a miracle would finally occur for Maggie after suffering all of this pain and suffering. While hold up in the Cells of Camp Stroughta. Maggie noticed a group of school children who were reading a book in the cabin in secrecy while the Nazi Guards were patrolling the outside, she moved in closer to see them smiling in these darkest hours, in which she soon finds out that even though there is pain in suffering these children still have reasons to smile, this would make Margarine extremely interested.

Without a word Maggie watched as an elderly women in her 70's read to the children a book about life in the Holocaust before the 21st Century and how they all were tortured, but lasted throughout until the day they were liberated in 1945, Maggie soon crept closer as the elderly women noticed her smiled and allowed her too join the group of kids who also appeared be enjoying her company.

The elderly women continued to read on, until all of a sudden 2 SS Guards broke into the barracks and ordered the group into the bunks holdin em at gunpoint with MP40's. Doin as they told the Elderly women the children and Margarine enter the barracks and watch as the SS depart and shut the door behind them.

Despite the SS's orders a little girl, snuck out of her bunk with the book and gave it too Maggie too read herself, in which she did. Finally after reading the entire book, Maggie's head was snapped into the passed and she has just now discovered that the book she was reading was written by her, before her arrest in 1944. She had read the Diary of a Young Girl, and Maggie now fully in her memory, now knows that she is Anne Frank, the only difference is that she was reincarnated with a different name and year, but her appearance and talents would also soon lead too this discovery as well.

Liberation of New EnglandEdit

As the months progressed farther and farther into 2014, bad weather, lack of food, and water slowly began to effect Maggie, but that didn't stop her from sharing her food with others in need. By April 1st, 2014, sickness began taking a toll for the worst, this error prevented some people their ability to stand up. Maggie often never left these people's side, and would act as if she was there own personal nurse.

Despite the prisoner's grieving for the endless deaths of their loved ones that still continued nonstop, because of either illness or execution, all that changed when Maggie discovered that she was Anne Frank Reincarnated and finally found a way to by pass the pain in suffering earlier in 2014 even better news would later be heard in which spark Celebration amongst the prisoners, when a group of newly fresh Asian Prisoners arrived within the walls of Camp Stroughta in November of 2014 during a stormy day, They were greeted by Maggie warmly, who than asked how the fight was going.

The newly soldiers responded by announcing that the United States Military along with the rest of the Coalition have escaped the Nazi Blitzkrieg in Afghanistan and that Manhattan and much of Europe had been re captured, Maggie could feel tears of joy filling in her eyes, they were soon going to be free, despite strong hopes, the Americans never made it to Maine, due to strong German defenses in the South, though the United States military was taking a long time to make it to the state of Maine, the sight of news given to Maggie from other prisoners that arrived in the camp throughout the final month of 2014, would no longer break the spirits of the Prisoners despite the Germans wicked ways.

By the begining of 2015, on January 1st, a large group of American POW's were spotted by Maggie coming out of trucks while under guard by SS forces, where she at the same time learned that the United States Military had recaptured Aerial, along with Kar, in Eastern main, causing celebration amongst the prisoners where at last the Americans have started to gain ground in Maine.

For the next 7 months, the Prisoners of camp Stroughta would continue to listen on the main course of the war in New Enlgand through newly arrived prisoners, until their dreams of Liberation would finally become a Reality. 

On August 24th, 2015 the pounding of guns grew louder, and much of the Prisoner had woken up by the sounds of war, that was coming directly towards Camp Stroughta from the East.

Maggie grabbed hold of some of the children and moved them into the shelters, where they would be shielded from gun fire.

The rest of the Prisoners, did as well. After 7 hours of shaking and rattling from the war outside, everything was silent. Maggie, and the other prisoners, slowly got back out into the the skylight, only to see the camp in ruins along with hundreds of dead Germans, mixed with U.S troops.

At first there was confusion amongst the prisoners until they looked to their right and noticed an Abram Tank and Bradley APC outside the camp's shattered fence, the camp around her at the same time was in ruins, and American marine soldiers were forcing surviving SS Guards into transport trucks, the day had finally come. 

Happiness sparked the prisoners as they than looked up seeing 3 Black Hawk's comin down towards their rescue along with F-18's and F-22's flyin in the skies above. Celebration erupted loudly among the prisoners, some even hugged and kissed the U.S Soldiers as they marched passed.

Maggie was sent to the hospital where she spent 4 months being treated until she was released. By the time of her release New England had been officially Liberated and cleansed of All Nazi Presence, by the end of 2015.

Starting over Edit

Immediately in 2016, Maggie had fully recovered along with all her hair growing back, where she immediately took control of her deceased father's group the Anne Frank Associated people, in which she added newer victims following the second Holocaust.

She would continue this for the rest of her life. On December 15th, now back in her home at Willin Ave in Jada she later found out in late December that Nazi Germany's Youth Tank had been in Berlin has been destroyed eradicating every Nazi Soldier and Officer in the entire country by 2017. The United Nazi War had finally ended.

After the War on January 24th, 2018 Maggie now age 31 had entered Jada's survival room in an attempt to find out if Otto Hernitz had survived, despite major hard searches in the crowded rooms, she had no luck, mostly due to the crowd.

All of a sudden Maggie looked to her right and saw a familiar 34 year old man, which whom she had thought had been killed during the war.

2091riveraisrael was standing amongst the crowd with his now 20 year old sister, filling out Charity forms in another part of the room and Jak Aversion behind him on a table hoping to know if his girlfriend had made it out alive, amongst the 2, 2091 was standing alone waiting, not knowing that he was being watched by an old friend.

She slowly approached him to make conversation, but 2091 at first had no memory of her until she revealed an old picture of him and her at the beach when they were back in Germany in 1990. 2091 now remembering her, is amazed that she had survived the Second Holocaust but got even more surprised when Maggie mentioned that she was Anne Frank's reincarnation. After a small conversation on there survivals Maggie than asked that if he's seen Otto.

The only thing 2091 would give her was a frown, replying to her with these following words. "Hasn't anyone told you... Otto Hernitz has been dead for 4 years." He than explained that he died trying to save her, by giving her all of his food without her knowing so that way she could live, he also mentioned that he was suffering from a bad illness that would have killed him anyway even if he had eaten.

Maggie could do nothing more but cry, with 2091riveraisrael's only words were sorry, before he turned to leave her alone for a little bit.

Otto Hernitz's death would be remembered by Maggie even after she moved on 2 years after in 2020, she than began to write again, dedicating most of her stories to both Otto and her past self that died in 1945 in the Second World War. Though she continued to write she created a sequel to her previous Diary that was published in 1947, in which 2091riveraisrael had came up the name callin it Holocaust Dark Times.

While writing Holocaust Dark Times 2091 collaborated with Maggie and gave her more ideas in order to aide her in her novel, although everything in the novel was indeed written from within her heart, 2091 would only come up with plots for only a certain number of chapters. After publishing in 2021, Holocaust Dark Times became a popular asset revealing the same ratings and gold stars as The Diary of A Young Girl.

Although Maggie discovered that Otto Frank was indeed her actual father, Maggie never turned her back toward Hans Frank, the man that brought her back into the world. She decided to honor them both, Otto, for trying to protect her in the Second World War, and Hans, for bringing her back into the world. and allowing her to receive a second chance in life.

Even after the United Nazi War's end in 2017, Maggie never used her real name Anne Frank, and continued to live her life as Marggie Frank in order to keep her past self at peace in the after life.

Return to GermanyEdit

Maggie as she reached age 36 began to feel homesick and decided to move back to Germany. On June 2nd, 2023 she arrived back at Kornex Harbor and moved back into Frankfurt Germany where she entered and cleared her old house and made it her own.

She would continue her writing career nonstop in Germany as well as honoring the Holocaust survivors of both the First and Second. Germany been completely thankful ever since Nazi Germany Eradicated once again, only this time for good, never to return to Earth.

Maggie later arrived in Berlin where she would look at the Diary of a Young Girl in which made her smile, seeing that her first book in the Second World War meant a lot to every one. She even was given the honor to hold it with her own hands.

After opening up her old Diary the rest of the memories of her being Anne Frank sunk into her brain and she now knows that she must have been given a second chance in order to have a better future, however a part of her was entirely broken hearted mostly due to the fact that she was reincarnated but Margot, her mother, Peter Van Pels and her real father Otto Frank, were not.

From 2023-2025, Maggie would spend in Germany. She continued to write and read to children about the Holocaust in order to teach them not to worship Nazi Germany.

One Day at age 38 in 2025, Maggie had learned of the cemetery that had buried her father and family, from the second World War Era and payed for a plane ticket to Basel Switzerland, where she had payed a visit and reunited with her old family after 80 years. After a heart warming comments that she gave her old family she placed flowers on each and every one of their graves even the Van pels.

When Maggie returned to Germany a week after she promised in her heart that she would honor her deceased family including her dead past self and continue to make the victims known.

New Home in JadaEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Before the events of the United Nazi War, Maggie Frank purchased 2 homes in Jada Upstate New York In New England, while The German Civil War raged all over her country, just one day before The Blitz on November 8th, she sold her home in Wasson Street and instead resided on Willin Square, where she remained until her capture on August 1st 2013...
  • Maggie Never knew of her real identity mostly cause of the effects of Reincarnation in which might have erased all her memories of the Second World War, hiding from the Nazi's or even her own death In March of 1945, It was later discovered that the Diary of A young Girl, would trigger all her memories and remember who she once was revealing that Maggie Frank is indeed Anne Frank Reincarnated...
  • Maggie was 18 when she left Germany, and Immigrated too the United States, in order too hide and avoid The German Civil War...
  • During the events of the United Nazi War, Maggie remained in hiding along side her future Fiance Otto Hernitz, she was 26 when the Nazi's arrested her on August 1st, 2013...
  • After learning of her true Identity, it was strongly possible that after New England's liberation on November 6th, 2015, that Maggie Frank took over her father's footsteps and continued too run the Anne Frank memorial, though Anne Frank herself she never switched too her old name, and still posed as Maggie Frank...
  • Maggie Frank develops a strong relationship with 2091riveraisrael...
  • Maggie Frank was the only survivor too come out of Camp Stroughta alive on August 24th, 2015...
  • Maggie visited her father's memorial in Switzerland too pay her respects and say hello revealing that she had been reincarnated...
  • After returning back too Germany, in 2023, Margarine later found her real Diary that had been put together by her father in 1947, and published. This sight would often cause her too visit her father and deceased family members more often...
  • It was hinted that Maggie had a crush on 2091riveraisrael when she was 3, and he was 6, it is possible that she still has it, but the where abouts of her feelings for 2091 remain unknown...

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