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Music Video Transcript Edit

Version OneEdit

The music video opens up during The final days of the Second World War , in the Battle of Berlin , in 1945, where An SS Soldier discovers a strange looking berry on the ground, which appears silhouetted against the light. The light shifts and reveals the berry with a light blue coat and abnormally large stems growing out.

During the bunker scene large amounts of Berries are shown in crates, some are shown being painted by Soldiers. There is also a dartboard instead of a chart in that room, and a large pile of MP40's and STG 44" visible in the background. When the scientist, who appears to be Albert Speer, looks through a microscope at the fossilized Berry, he sees the strands of strange DNA, in which are shown to be young cells fighting of against years.

"Weird Al" is first seen in New England 2011, in a random's kitchen attempting to hold a door shut on a group of SS forces (1 Using Kar98 Stocks, and shoulder to bam the door, another 3 in the back ground armed with STG 44's, and one behind th soldier using Brute force armed with a MP40). The SS gives up the brute force, pulls out a key ring, and sifts through it to find the key instead.

In a crowd of Nazi forces, one of them is a cartel. Another crowd has a Tiger II Tanks and another is holding a beer and has an I Love Hitler base ball cap on his head.

A Large devastating Snow Storm is shown hitting NORAD cutting off power, to the United States Radar networks leaving the nation blind. An SS Soldiers, are shown waving there hands over and over, in front of the country only to recieive no response.

The Kriegsmarine Bismarck is shown grinning at a large group of United Nation citizens, after she is seen launching once again from Nazi Germany.

The chaos theory is shown on a chalkboard as a large equation, which turns into a spinning globe,

As "Weird Al" lyrically states: "I do not approve of this attraction, because getting disemboweled always makes me kinda mad," he presses a Ɵ stamp down on the Nazi logo and then looks up to see a large war in the distance behind him.

When the lights go out, a bunch of eyes appear around Yankovic; he lights a match, showing that he is surrounded by SS Forces, who subsequently put the match out.

Richard Gar is seen cursing out the traffic tams while in his car, when a Tiger II Tank crushes his vehicle while moving past. German forces are than shown passing camera, except one who is eventually shown playing with an I Pad.

As the song sings "Someone attacked them at Rural Fields In the fall of 2011", a large battle is shown with citizens attacking SS, who are camping at Littleton New Hamptshire. The camera pulls out to reveal that there is a large region wide attack against the SS, not just in Littleton, but also out in the fields.

The main Reich Stage (Shown 3 times in Version Two) is shown once, the next scene is than shown, when it is raining and a large Ground war in the distance with lights revealing the Explosions, where SS forces are enjoying the scenery. Main Slide in Version One The third scene, New England in ruins.

While the song progress it than shows 2091riveraisrael shooting at a large group of SS forces who are charging at him, with both The Power, and STG 44, it than switches over too Kara Leina, who is shown discussing a Plan for attack.

When Yankovic says "Cause they sure don't act like todays Germany And they think that I'm their target, not their friend", Regular Independent Germany is shown fighting against SS Forces in 2005. Later in the song, Zero is than shown attacking a small SS Patrol unit, and is seen slicing one of the MG.42's in half while grinning, causing the gunner to run off in fright.

An Arnold Schwarzenegger-lookalike hunter jumps into one of the SS crows, killing several, but is shot by a Sniper.

Armed SS forces gang in on Yankacich and and shoot right into the screen. Al is than showin inside the Barrel of the same soldiers Kar98.

While "Weird Al" is making his way through the barrel back to the light up ahead, the instrumental portion of the song takes place, and he sees cel animation shots of SS forces dancing on White Grayish or spiraling backgrounds.

When "Weird Al" enters the outside, with his head sticking out he is surprised to see a souvenir stand Salesman wielding the rifle there, where a spotty faced teen offers him an "I was shot by a Nazi Soldier" T-shirt.

The SS than turns on the people filming. The "director", who resembles 2091riveraisrael, raises a sign that says "Cut!" before evacuating the set. four people (resembling the PROJECT's staff councils, Pokiezilla2, Raccoonpokemon, DJ Bike Ryder, and Legendarywerewolf206) can be seen behind the "director". Their eyes "popped" and ran away before the director did. This may be a reference to an infamous error in the movie where, in the Battle scenes the actors were suppose to fire blanks.

The Bismarck is shown chasing Theodore, and Emily out of Hail Fax Harbor Canada, while laughing like a hyena.

At the last chorus, "Weird Al" is singing on a stage in front of three dancing SS with top hats and canes. Other SS are on the side playing trumpets and other brass instruments.

Yankovic rides the helicopter at the end of the video, while attemoting to escape New England, along with the other refugees who can be seen in ships in the background.

On land, 14 German soldiers wave goodbye, one holding a sign that reads "Don't Forget to Write", than switches into another reading "I had an uncle from Amerika". As the helicopter flies what appears to be far away in the distance the Bismarck attends to shoot down the chopper, but is bumped away by the New Hood, and allows it to escape.

She than looks at the camera, then winks as the scene irises to black.

Version TwoEdit

Trivia Edit

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