The Nazi Occupational Zone, also known as the Occupational Zone or Hostile Zone was a term which described Occupied German Territory in New England in the early days of the United Nazi War in 2011 by New Englanders and United States Inland army troops before, the entire Northeastern section of the United States fell completely in November 11th 2011, and the states were renamed to Hiyarm by German High command a Year after in 2012.

This term was known to have remained in Existence until December of 2011, when a small bulk of United States outside forces had managed to return from Afghanistan and reclaiming Northern Michigan, Carcus Town, and Tyrus, from the German Occupation, where the American Government exterminated the term for the name being no longer needed. However the outside military never liberated the rest of New England, in which by 2012, Nazi Germany had managed to exterminate the only outside army in the country, and reclaim Tyrus and other regions in upstate New York that were liberated a year earlier.

During that same course of action, Hiyarm was than given the official name of Nazi Germany's occupied New England, with Tyrus as it's capital, this event would anger most of New England's inhabitants, causing many to curse out the American government, for refusing to allow the Outside army to toss out the Germans back in 2011, when they had the chance.

The inhabitants instead of calling New England by it's new name, most of it's Inhabitants referred it as Occupied New England, or as the Nazi Occupational Zone, where the term was reestablished by Civilians all over the occupied states until their liberation in the year 2015.


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