German–occupied Europe or Nazi Empire refers to the countries of Europe which were occupied by the military forces of Nazi Germany at various times between 1939 and 1945 during the Second World War.

Some countries started the war as Allies of the United Kingdom or the Soviet Union, and were forced to surrender, or were subdued and then occupied. In some cases, the governments went into exile, or governments-in-exile were formed by some of their citizens, in other Allied countries. Other countries occupied by the Nazis were officially neutral. Some occupied countries were former members of the Axis powers, and were occupied by German forces at a later stage of the war. Major uprisings occured during the occupation by Armed Civilians while attempting to fight on until the Allied forces could arrive.

Much of the Rebellions were crushed, but some managed to continue until the war's end in 1945. Rumor has it that a Ghost lurked Europe as well, and tormented the Germans for the past 5 years. The name death date, and race of the Ghost was entirely unknown, and only one photo was taken of one of it's sightings in 1943. Witnesses described the soilder of being American decent stating that the Ghost, might have been in the U.S Marines before the Second World War, the question on how he appeared in Europe to attack Nazi Germany like everything else remains unknown.

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