New Nijmegen Bridge
New Nijmegen Bridge





The Netherlands

Owend By:

United States

Region: Core, New Jersey/Delaware Border
Era: United Nazi War

Railway/Road Bridge

Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The New Nijmegen Bridge Was a Fictional Netherlandic constructed bridge in the Eastern Coast of the United States separating New England from Delaware.

The Bridge was also known to be a major highway to Washington D.C. located in Maryland As well.

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The New Nijmegen bridge was given and constructed as a gift to the United States by the Netherlands, in 1946. Just one year after the Second World War.

It was constructed by Netherlandic workers who were allowed permission into the United States, and was built over the Mierha River, separating New Jersey from Delaware. The New Nijmegen Bridge was completed on the fall of 1947, making it the second gift to the United States from Europe, the first being the Statue of Liberty built by France in 1886.

After Construction had been completed, the bridge was used as a back way and a shorter passage way from Maryland to New England in the north. Just months after the Bridges construction, The Netherlands than asked American president Henry Truman, to create a small town in the uninhabitable region, after Truman's okay the Netherlands sent more workers into the Core region, where they constructed a city leading to the bridge.

On April 7th, 1948, New Harlem was made and the city soon became home for European citizens who eventually began moving to the U.S after the years of the second world war, and began to use New Harlem as their main home, if they couldn't enter cities from the southern states and up. Mostly people from the Netherlands, populate New Harlem and in and around the core region where the bridge was made.

21st Century Edit

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The New Nijmegen Bridge became a large monument for The Netherlands in 2004, during the great celebration of the Relationship between the U.S. and Netherlands. Despite being a historical monument, the bridge was still used for crossing and people still resided in New Harlem.

The New Nijmegen Bridge, was later bought by President George Bush, in 2007, in response for using the Bridge and the terrain as a training ground for United States Military forces who were about to be exported to Afghanistan.

During Military exercises Netherlandic Americans would take part in some of the Training as well in an attempt to either join the War on Terror, or the other military branches along the United States.

The Bridge however was later sold, back to the Netherlands by President Barack Obama on April 2nd, 2009, and the training camps around the bridge were either torn down, or abandoned in the process. After Obama sold the bridge in 2009, the Core region never experienced any military exercises, until the United Nazi War, when Nazi Germany Invaded New England on November 9th of 2011.

The Bridge was later discovered by the Nazi Luftwaffe on September 4th, of 2012, where they discovered that the bridge connects both
Battle For New Nijmegen Bridge

SS Forces occupy the New Nijmegen Bridge during the D.C. Purge of 2012...

New England and the middle States of the East coast, as well as it being a highway leading all the way to Washington DC.

The Bridge later came under fire on September 7th, 2012 and was occupied by the Nazi War Machine in hopes of getting to D.C in order to force the United State Military from interfering with the SS Search for Brenda Kylie.

Despite multiple attempts to try and blow up the bridge, the Structure remained standing and was still usable for German Heavy armor to cross, this one major hick up in the Netherlands construction of the New Nijmegen Bridge would allowe the Germans to occupie New Harlem, and conquer the entire state of Delaware in just a couple of hours.

Though the Operation failed when they were about 20 right inside the American Captial of Washington DC mostly due to a UN Counter attack in which sent the Germans retreating back North Into New England and New Harlem back under the control of the United States and friendly Allied Nations, the United Nazi War took a heavy tole on the Bridge, but The Bridge was known to still be intact and it's condtion was still repariable, for the next 4 years, people had to cross the bridge by walking as the structure was being repaired at the time, it wasn't until 2016, when Vehicles were allowed to cross the structure, once more in order to get into the Mid-Atlantic States to the South, and Washington D.C.

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