New Soviet Union
New Soviet Logo
Founder: Soviet World War II Veterans
Established: April 2nd, 2012
Dissolved: February 2nd, 2017
Country of Origin: Russia
Capital: Ranov, Russia
Military Strength: 4,000,000,000- 20,000,000 Strong
War: United Nazi War (April 24th, 2012-2017)
Years Active: 2012-2017


The New Soviet Union Was a newly formed fictional Legion established In Western Russia by Russian old World War II Veterans who fought the Fascist Reich During the Second World War. Thought called the New Soviet Union they still consists of the same Cold War Tech as the Normal Soviet Union.

History Edit


On April 2nd, A Large group of Russian World War II Veterans who once fought the Third Reich 67 Years ago, gathered in the City of Ranov, about 80 Miles West Of Moscow where they spent a large week training foot Soldiers for a new Project that would later become a reality to Mother Russia.

News Of The Nazi Invasion of the United States, Reached Russia On November 12th, 2011,

Russian Officials refused to aide the U.S. Mostly due to Castro's Antics of forcing them under his command. The Citizens of Russia continued to watch the wasteland of the once Sleeping Giant burn from the Shells of Nazi Germany, until This Year On April 24th, after Weeks of training payed off, and now decide to enter the War as an Ally to the United States, Canada, and Japan in the aide for the Liberation of New England from Nazi Germany.

Entering the United Nazi WarEdit

Main article: Attack on Lor Fields

On the 24th of April to the 27th, A Large Ground offensive has been mounted at Lor Fields, about 39 Miles North of Atlantic City New Jersey.

Despite overwhelming SS, in the State of New Jersey The New Soviets were able to hold their ground and later overrun the SS Command post located at United Hill, just East of the Hudson going Into New York. This victory sent a large message to the people of Russia bringing about the Birth of the New Soviet Union.

Hitler will now be up for a big of a Surprise when he finds out the Old Dissolved Soviet Union has Returned As the New Soviet Union.

After the occupation of the Lor Fields, the SS Serge d with a counter attack reclaiming about 20 Acres of the New Jersey Land, and retook their Command Post on the ridge forcing the New Soviets to fall back towards their landing field, where they dug in and prepared for the SS Counter attack that was comin.

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