Nira Island New York, is a fictional Island on Lake Ontario, located about 12 miles away from Upstate New York's Northern Coast line. The Island contains a Population of about 300 citizens, and is known to have a max radius of about 34 to 78 acres wide.

Large cannons from the Nineteenth Century are displayed on the Island, during the Rebellion of 1898, along with historical fortress, that date back during the War of 1812.

The Island became a major battle site in the United Nazi War, between the remains of the U.S Inland army, the British military, and Nazi Germany, until Japan's arrival, in the mid months of 2013.

After the United Nazi War's end in 2016, Nazi Tanks were on displayed on the Island's historical war Sites along side the fortifications that had survived the battle in 2013 from the Nineteenth Century.

History Edit

War of 1812Edit

United Nazi WarEdit

Trivia Edit

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