Ocean Canyon, known to the people of the Caribbean, as Sea Canyon was a fictional reef located about 13 miles south of Key West in front of Shore City.



United Nazi WarEdit

Battle of The QueensEdit

Main article: Battle of Hor Sound

Hurricane Cypher Edit

During the final events of the United Nazi War, Ocean Canyon was hit by a category 5 Hurricane that was en route to Shore City Florida on August 13th, 2014. during the Hurricane's early passing 2 war super war ships, one being The Bismarck, the other being the Prinz Eugen, had just entered there way into the Hor Sounds, where the Eugen, ended up hitting a small reef that was very shallow. The Eugen was trapped inside the U of the reef with the Bismarck blocking it's escape.

Despite the violent storm, a large battle broke out between the queens of the ocean, in determine on the fate of both old warships. The seas raged, so much that the Bismarck ended up hitting, and knocking 52% of the reef out of bounce, while the Prinz Eugen knocked about only 48%. Though heavy damaged was inflicted on both warships, the Prinz Eugen emerged as the victor, but became Immobile. the Eugen remained at Ocean reef until the storm unexpectedly passed after hitting Shore city.

Though the reef's West and east wings were damaged during the engagement, the southern, and Northern wings were still intact.


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