Operation G Valor
Operation G.Valor
Date: December 2nd, 2011 December 13th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
  • Northern Michigan,
  • Ontario Canada
  • Upstate New York
Status: United States/Canadian Victory...
  • Nazi Germany pushed out of North Michigan
  • Carcus Town Liberated...
  • Ontario back under Canadian Control...
  • Canada joins the United Nazi War...
  • Tyrus recaptured, and back under U.S Hands...
  • 18% of Upstate New York freed...
  • Nazi Germany Locks down the Coast lines of New England...
Operation: G.Valor


Operation G Valor  was A surprised an Coordinated U.S Miltary offensive against Nazi Germany during the United Nazi War, resulting into the Liberations of Northern Michigan, Carcus Town, and Tyrus Upstate New York.

After the offensive it would later result in the United Nazi War, expanding, to Afghanistan, and other parts of the war leading to a stalemate in New England.

Despite a well balanced victory, the offensive would still not strong enough to reclaim the rest of New England.

Opening Stage Edit

The Liberal MassacreEdit

Main article: The Liberal Massacre

Before the Initiation of Operation G. Valor, on November 30th, 2011, a large attack would first follow in It's wake at Liberal Town, the First major city that would be liberated From Nazi Germany.

On November 29th, 2011 Kara Leina & Nolan Ross, gathered the rest of their remaining strength in order to try a make a final stand at Liberal Town located at North Central Michigan, the city had fallen not long before without a single shot being fired, representing that the city might have been evacuated at the time before Echo Park and K.L arrived.

As soon as the Germans entered the heart of the city, both fan militias unleashed a surprise Massacre. The Liberal Massacre known by Nazi Germany as The Liberal Attack, Was a surprise and coordinated attack by Kara Leina in the streets of Liberal Town, in an act of revenge for the deaths at Vara Grove. The attack ended with success leaving a sum total of about 230 Nazi's dead, and about 900 wounded.

After the attack on German soldiers in the Heart of Liberal Town, both Fan Militias continued to hold there ground at Liberal Town where Nazi Germany began to flush out much of the militias while using both flame throwers, Grenades, and Tanks in order to flush them out of hiding.

Despite such tremendous losses amongst the fan militas both factions would continue to fight for at least the rest of November 29th.

Liberation of Liberal TownEdit

The SS however is unaware that while Operation Kittredge was going on In Michigan, that President Obama, managed to gained a hold on 3 divisions despite republicans rejections stating that they could handle the Germans themselvs, and allowed them to return home from Afghanistan, in hopes of reclaiming New England.

Liberal Town would be the first time that Nazi Germany and the United States Militaries would see eachother face to face, in a massive ground war.

Attack on Fort MarEdit

Battle of Liberal TownEdit

Campaigns Edit


Liberation of OntarioEdit

Upstate New YorkEdit

Liberation of Carcus TownEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Carcus Town
Battle of the RohansEdit
Reclaiming Carcus TownEdit

Second Battle of TyrusEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Tyrus

Afternoon Edit

Trivia Edit

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