Operation Gorin
Date: November 20th, 2014 - December 29th, 2014
Conflict: United Nazi War

Main Faction...

Region: Hiyarm, USA
Status: U.N Victory...
  • Manhattan Island and Boroughs Liberated...
  • German counterattacks repelled by November 25th...


Operation Gorin Mostly known to most Americans, British and Canadians, as Operation New Era was a large D-Day Invasion of Hiyarm, from the city of Manhattan Island between the forces of both the United States, and Canada, against Nazi Germany on November 20th, 2014. Though the U.S and Canadians suffered extreme Casualties from the Sea Walls of Fortress New England, they were able to breach the Sea Wall, and recapture Manhattan weeks later.

The Result led to the Seawalls of New England finally breached, allowing New England Citizens to see the beautiful seas once again after 3 long years of being engraved within the Seawalls.

The landing ended in success, but the Operation was not over due to the German's counter attacking in order to reclaim Manhattan Island.

Though the Outside Army was able to hold the Island, the Nazi;s appeared to be gaining the upper-hand in the counter attack, but fresh reinforcements from Belgium arrive and force the Nazi's into retreat, the victory of Operation Gorin would be the first stepping stone, towards the Liberation of New England, and the Collapse of Hiyram.



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