Operation Karl Kon
Operation Karl Con
Date: April 7th, 2012 - April 9th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: The Bronx, New York
Status: U.S. Victory...
  • Nazi Supplies never make it to Europe...
  • The Kriegsmarine Sabora Sunk...
  • Inland Army Marines Escape Occupied New England...
Operation: Karl Kon


Operation Karl Kon, also known as Karl Con, was a United States National Guard Mission Behind Enemy Lines in The Bronx in Nazi Occupied New England, On April 7th, 2012, in an attempt to destroy The Nazi Battleship Kriegsmarine Sabora, that was docked at Fatal Harbor in the North East Bronx, that was set depart for Europe, with vital 21st Century supplies from New England.

Though the Operation was a success, The intense miss dropping of the National Guard forces ended up scattering them all over the Bronx, making them easy targets for German forces.

This causes them to fight for temporary survival in the occupied Bronx until they were able to regroup, after this was accomplished, they than push on to the ship, before it leaves port and escapes into the sea.

Opening Edit

Battle Edit

The Mid Night InsertionEdit

Occupied Bronx

National Guards men, Attempt to Regroup with there squads In The Nazi Occupied Bronxs On April 7th, 2012

The Operation began at Mid Night On April 7th 2012. About a grand total of about 20-24 Chinooks and Black Hawks, took off from Ingra Air Field North Pennsyilvania and entered the New York area, over the city.

Though the birds were able to slip passed the outer New York State Defenses, the Birds had a more difficult time making there way through the skies above the Bronx, as the sounds of the helicopters lured suspicions of German forces on the ground which quickly placed the city on high alert with search lights scanning the skies, despite the city being on high alert, air raid sirens were not yet activated.

United States fleet of helicopters, though they tried their hardest to evade Search lights, were eventually discovered just before they could reach their insertion point. By this time the air raid sirens were activated and German Anti Air guns started lighting up the blacken sky firing at the helicopters.

Although the Inland troops suffered losses from the Anti Air guns on the ground, many helicopters deployed forces onto the streets, while other helicopters attempted to attack and destroy the anti Air guns.

Many of the Germans quickly fired at most of the Americans forces who bailed out of the helicopters who were too damaged to fly anymore, and though many Americans were able to land on the streets without any harm, German patrols quickly swarmed the streets in order to intercept. Many American soldiers were wounded or killed just as they touched down by German patrols, while others became pinned down in other parts of the city. The situation in the sky didn't get any better, many of the Black Hawks were drawn off course, by the sudden arrival of the German Luftwaffe that had just returned from patrolling the Northern shorelines of Upstate New York. This would cause the helicopters to immediately drop their soldiers into any part of the city and withdraw from the area.

War in The StreetsEdit

Scattered & RegroupingEdit

As the Helicopters escaped withdrew from the Bronx with the German Fighter planes chasing after, the situation on the ground became desperate. With the national guard forces scattered all across the Bronx, each American Inland division had to fight their way towards the rally point located in the Lars Hotel on Wing ST. As Morning appeared, the weather began to take a bad turn against the battle, as several morning showers began to pour down on the ruined city, by 3:00Am a large storm hit New York drenching the entire area with a large heavy down pour, that was so strong that the streets became fogged by the mists caused by the heavy rains.

Despite the pour weather conditions, the National Guards men began to use the fog of the storm as a way to both escape German forces who had once pinned them down, while others used the mists to slip past Nazi Patrols, some just used the fog to shoot at German soldiers, from behind anything that was lying on the street. At this point, Nazi Germany were already redeploying their forces in Fatal Harbor, reinforcing the garrison in the city from the Sobora, in exchange for more supplies to be sent to Europe for study.

Many of the Inland Army men fought their way to Ray Ave to help pinned down surviving Resistance members, but they were too late, as the Germans had managed to over run the city block just before the Inland Army could arrive.

Destoying The SaboraEdit

Pinned DownEdit

After destroying the Sabora, The National Guard began to fight for survival against a large Nazi Army that has just arrived into the city from New Jersey, and pulled back towards the Alley at Clarance Square, where they made there final stand until there Evac helicopters can get them out of the city as fast as possible.


By April 9th, the Evac choks arrived, and the National guards men began to Evacuate from The Bronx, escaping back into Ingra Airfield, in North Pennsylvania.

A Lone EscapeEdit

Around some time after the Evacuation, of the National Guards men, a lone U.S Ranger known as "Lt. Karl Jordan", thought to be dead by the rest of the squad, woke up in his down Black Hawk, that had been shot down by Nazi Anti Air Fire during the first day of Battle in the Mid Night Insertion.

The city was already quiet, with no Inland Army resistance left. The Soldier used what ever weapon was possible in order to survive in the city and look for clues for what happened to his squad in the last 3 days. He even found the Subway that was used by the Resistance before there annhilation by Nazi Germany On April 1st.

Upon finding objects related to his squad, he envisioned what had happened to them over the course of the last 3 days. After wandering around the city for a while as well as killing a large number of SS Patrols while evading Tanks and Half Tracks, Jordan at lasts reaches the spot where his fellow Squad made there last stand against the SS, before there Evac.

In the dawn of April 10th, the area was already full of Large Nazi forces Marching through the streets. Jordan made his way to the subways, through an SS Underground outpost in the city, and eventually returned to the Surface near the Hudson River. he pushed through the docks while trying to make his way towards a large Speed boat that was still floating in the harbor.

He eventually entered the boat and escaped The Bronx just in time, as a Tiger II Tank had just fired a shell splashing to his left. He later went down in history as the first lone soldier, to survive an entire Nazi Army.

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Operation Karl Kon, was a Parody to the Battle of New Mombassa, of the Halo Franchise, when Orbital Drop Shock Troopers were blown off course after Regret's escape, and ended up scattered throughout the city, with only a lone soldier known as the Rookie left within the city walls...
  • The Sinking of the Kriegsmarine Sobora, bares a strong resemblance towards the Sinking of the Rhineburg, in the Novel Axis Power 7, in the year 1977, Only difference was that the Event took place in Florida instead of the Bronx...
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