Operation SS Freedom
Operation SS Freedom
Date: November 12th, 2011 - November 13th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Tyrus, Upstate N.Y.
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Perimeter tightened around occupied New England...
  • Germans lock down Tyrus...
  • Brenda Kylie's location discovered...
  • U.A.B.F. Hometown discovered...
Operation: SS Freedom


Operation SS Freedom was known to be A failed 2 day Uprising that took place Behind German Lines in the Nazi Occupational Zone while the Battle of Hill 66, was being fought farther East of Upstate New York, near the Canadian border.

Though A Complete failure in the past Battle on Cartel Hill, The SS Might be a step closer to finding the Location of English Singer Brenda Kylie.

Prelude Edit

With the bulk of the Nazi forces engaged at Cartel Hill A.K.A. Hill 66. The United Alliance of Brenda Fans, Make plans in an attempt to reclaim at least some of the ground that was lost a couple days ago.

The plan was known to take control of Tyrus and establish a new head quarters in the city allowing them to reclaim Standford, pushing the Germans back to Manhattan and liberating at least New York splitting the German occupation in half.

After the U.A.B.F Defeat in the Catskill Mountains, Brenda Kylie had ordered the U.A.B.F. to launch multiple raids on German potions which would cause confusion and delay in Nazi war tactics.

The raiding parties however became annihilated when the Germans took control of the skies.

After the retreat and fall of CatSkill, The U.A.B.F legions that were still strong and have not yet saw battle, later found out that the Germans are moving towards Cartel Hill these U.A.B.F legions decide to put their plan into motion, bringing about the beginning of Operation SS Freedom.

Operation SS Freedom Initiated Edit

U.A.B.F attack on Tyrus Fields Edit screen capture 2012-5-12-17-19-23

U.A.B.F. Surprise attack at Tyrus Fields November 12th, 2011...

After a surprise attack on A German check point, by U.A.B.F forces along with a Armored car that they purchased on War, they managed to reclaim the fields of Tyrus, making their way through the woods completely undetected, they planned the attack to begin while the bulk of the German forces were engaged at Cartel Hill.

After a group of Motorcycles arrived at the check point with new forces the attack begun.

The armored car managed to break through a large Barricade that blocked the road ahead clearing the way for U.A.B.F Infantry to move in and clear the rest of the check point.

After breaking through the check point the U.A.B.F began to slowly reclaim some of the lands that they once owned before the Nazi Invasion in November 9th.

Though receiving heavy casualties throughout the whole fight from both MG.42 and Half tracks, and air planes alike the U.A.B.F managed to push themselves to the point of managing to liberate the small town of Eureka, about 4 miles from Tyrus. Hitler stated that the Germans were too occupied on the Hill to be of any use to crush the attack and said that the defending Germans would just have to hold Tyrus at all cost.

Battle of Tyrus Edit

U.A.B.F. ChargeEdit

U.A.B.F. Charge

Germans firing at U.A.B.F charge in the ruins of Ignition Street...

After the successful attack the U.A.B.F managed to crush the remains of the German suburban lines and enter the City, but were stopped by intense German Resistance In the downtown area by MG.42's Tanks APC's and a lot of Infantry. Knowing that the attack wasn't going to be easy, Brenda Kylie ordered all U.A.B.F forces in the city to avoid the Germans until the army is all up and concentrated.

The U.A.B.F took positions around the ruins hiding their movements quite well. The Germans attempted to create a wall of infantry by digging up the ruble of the city and piling the rocks high for the troops to shoot from. 2 hours later the Germans completed their defenses but Kate Bush has still not answered any of the calls from her fans, mostly due to the fact of her experiencing an interview back in England.

This confusion would later become the U.A.B.F's major downfall in their attempt to liberate Tyrus. Finally after losing patience the Lead U.A.B.F sounded off his whistle and they charged towards the German positions. Despite their overwhelming numbers the German defenses were too powerful to break through, mostly due to the infantry being backed up by both half tracks and panzer tanks. Though some U.A.B.F did managed to make it to the German lines a large bulk of them were blown literally off the road before they could get anywhere close. Finally after losing too many forces the U.A.B.F retreated back into their half of the city.

After the Suiciadl charge Germans left their lines and began to shoot at the dead bodies on the ground scaring some of the U.A.B.F fans causing them to run, Some were shot on purpose while some were spared. They attempted to charge again but the second attack was stopped by a call by a National guard unit stating that they will take care of the town to avoid anymore fans from dieing.

After direct orders from Miller, the U.A.B.F left their positions and abandoned Tyrus city leaving it opened for the United States military to roll right passed.

National Guard Counter AttackEdit

Hours after the U.A.B.F. charge Surviving National Guard legions that were in the region arrived to assist them in Operation SS Freedom, which was already taking it's turn on the worst for the U.A.B.F, mostly due to having to fight their way all the way from the Tyrus fields just to make into Tyrus.

John Miller ordered legions into Tyrus where another huge fire fight occurred, in the East causing the German's to move East to stop their advance. This left the SS Line that repelled the U.A.B.F charge at Ignition street, vulnerable for break through. By 12:01 Mid night the National Guard forces hit Ignition Street with every man tank and gun that they can throw, causing the German line to crumble and the SS Legions in the City of Tyrus to be Overrun in every direction and block.

The United States National Guard forces managed to reclaim the City of Tyrus forcing the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans to leave and take positions outside the City. The Germans who were defending small remains of the city that was still under their control continued to hold their ground, repelling multiple National guard attacks, in the blocks that were still occupied, but were eventually exterminated from Air attacks, finally causing the remaining German defenders to leave Tyrus and flee West, toward Kor Town, 15 miles away.

German Counter AttackEdit

German Counter attack November 13th, 2011

German forces from Cartel Hill enter Tyrus City pushing back the National guard attackers...

The Germans that fled Tyru's fall was about 3 miles from Kor until they were met by another German Armored Column, that was battered, with about 2,000 Infantry. This armored Column was known to be the forces who have retreated from Hill 66 after their defeat from the United Fans of Eminem and their so called 21st Century fire arms, that they have never seen before, mostly due to being in hiding for the past 59 years in the Fuhrer Bunker.

The weakened defenders changed their course and returned back with the Hill 66 Attack group and back to the City of Tyrus, where they will attempt to reclaim it back under Nazi Rule. While on the way other Germans that were about to leave Tyrus was ordered back where these small raiding parties began to cause more and more havoc onto the National Guard forces attempting to keep them from leaving the city, so that the German counter attack can hit them hard.

This caused The United State's Celebration of their liberated town is cut short the raids were soon overwhelming for the Inland Army, where the Germans later began to overrun and cut off the Inland Army Units in the city preventing them from leaving. Hours later the Hill 66 Column arrived and began to pound the National Guard forces so hard that they bean go drop their guns and panic.

The U.A.B.F attempted to try and call Brenda Kylie stating that Operation SS Freedom was failing, but their transmissions were cut short when the Germans found them and attacked. After reclaiming the City an angered American Citizen Armed with an M1 Hollers at the Germans Yelling what will it take to get These SS Bastards off American Soil, the Germans state that they are In the country to capture Brenda Kylie, and punish the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans who thwarted their peaceful departure last week.

After sparing the German soldiers The American Citizen just watches as Tyrus is reoccupied by the Germans.

U.A.B.F. & N.G. Retreat Edit

After the Germans reoccupied Tyrus the war shifted back towards the U.A.B.F forces that were positioned outside the city who were currently under fire from the Germans that had gotten to them first. While the National Guard forces began their retreat back west hopping to get out of the N.O Zone, they were later cut off by German reinforcements from the South that caused them to surrender.

The Germans took pity on these troops mostly because of the unnamed American civilian spared their soldiers, in Tyrus, and ordered the National Guard forces out of the area never to return. Though the National Guard forces were Spared the SS Continued to torment with the U.A.B.F forces that were fighting their way back West, with German forces in hot Pursuit of the small surviving group.

During the retreat, The Germans looked as if they were going to finish them off until they were attacked by a group of fresh U.A.B.F. forces with tank supports allowing the U.A.B.F. to get away and outta of the area as the Tyrus gap closed behind them like a giant Nazi whale that was about to swallow Johna.

Aftermath Edit

The Failure of Operation SS Freedom, not only crippled the U.A.B.F. but also crippled the Surviving National Guard forces around the region. Due to this major failure neither side was able to attack for a week due to exhaustion and lack of resources, but that tactic changed on November 15th. During that day on November 15th, A large German Recon group was sent from Main into the Upstate New York region. They made their way West to locate U.A.B.F Strongholds, mostly their hometown.

They were also sent to find out why the U.A.B.F were so interested in the West, other than the fact that it is not yet occupied by them, while on the way they discovered Carcus Town on the banks of the Ontario Lake, and also discovered a large group of U.A.B.F. forces moving from all over Upstate New York moving into the city.

This very Squad of Germans moved a bit closer to a small group of U.A.B.F forces who were late on their arrival, and managed to attack the small group, as well as hiding their bodies, so that they don't give away their position. However before hiding the Bodies A German soldier managed to find a large pant flip on one of the fans during the Siege Of Norman Fields, when the Germans were startin to grow concern on why the U.A.B.F was well dug in to the West, leading to a massive engagement, which later overran the Norman fields, along with the discovery of Carcus Town days later.

The discovery was found out by the pant flip that was recovered by the Germans after securing the fields of Norman On November 16th, and managed to find out that Brenda Kylie was not in the United States, but was going to arrive at this particular city, on the 20th of November, Another German officer managed to later discover that the person who founded that U.A.B.F was indeed born from Carcus Town In 1992, but was eventually Killed in the Bieber Fever War, 2 years after.

Before returning back to Tyrus the SS Patrol managed to salvage a TV from one of the nearby towns, watching it and demanding to know how it works. After being taught they discovered on the American News Station CNN, Despite being in English, that the Pant flip that they discovered hours ago, was not a lie, and that Kate Bush was going to arrive in the United States at Carcus Town on the dot.

After making these helpful discoveries the German recon squad radioed the Occupied states, and told them what they have just discovered as well as the major hometown of The U.A.B.F being discovered after Norman fields. From than on the Occupied states began to mobilize for an attack on Carcus Town that was set to take place on the exact date that Brenda Kylie was scheduled to arrive in the city on November 20th, of 2011. Hitler approved the attack and the Recon force returned East back to Hale fields where they would get attacked by Miller and a group of National Guard World War II Veterans 2 days after.

Before the German recon squad got attacked The U.A.B.F were attacked on the exact same day as the German Patrol In Hale Fields.

On 2:32Pm of November 19th, the Germans launched a surprise attack on the U.A.B.F chilling town of Hampton, though they were repelled the town was occupied anyway by the Invasion forces of Operation Gradossa on November 20th.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being known as a Battle, Operation SS Freedom was known to be the first major Uprising against Nazi Germany In New England, in the early fall of November, 2011, during the early days of the Fascists Occupation...
  • Operation SS Freedom was the first known Uprising where German soldiers are spared...
  • Though defeated, both Brenda Fans and United States Inland Army, would have won a great spirt for the depressed Americans of Occupied New England, if had been victorious in this Uprising...
  • Much of the United States Inland Military is shown with World War II Uniforms and Equipment throughout this event, revealing that the United States Economy has been shattered completely, following both The Blitz and Nazi Occupation of New England, limiting American fire Power in New England, and forcing the United States Military to use World War II Technology in some areas...
  • Operation SS Freedom, was the first known act of Violence to ever plague Tyrus during both the United Nazi War, and German Occupation...
  • A World War II American Plane was shown in the skies above Tyrus during SS Freedom providing ground support for the United States Inland Army, the cause of this is unknown, but it was discovered that after the Blitz most of the Fighter Jets of the Inland army has been destroyed, forcing some Americans to use Outdated World War II Planes, salvaged from Museums all across the country, until more fighter jets could be sent over from the Southern, Mid-Atlantic, Western and Mid-Western states...
    • However it was shown that the United States Inland Army still has a large quality of Fighter Jets, as several were shown during the Liberation of Tyrus, and Carcus town along side the United States outside army in the fall of 2011, this maybe from the reinforcements that arrived from the Western, and southern states...
  • Though not shown, their was several Germans who were fighting against the German Occupation during Operation SS Freedom, many of them died in the German Counter Attack, but several others were known to escape in time before the city, was overrun...
  • Operation SS Freedom, was known to be a well done Operation, despite Failure, both the Inland Military and Brenda Fans, recieved strong advantages over the Nazi's as most of their strength and man power was being used against Cartel Hill at the time, of this event...
  • The Germans that were counter attacking were known to be the exact same Germans that attacked Cartel Hill, in the Catskill Moutnains...
  • It is unknown what occured on the Soldier that spared German forces after the Operation ended in failure, but it was likely that he was either captured, killed or escaped Tyrus, before German forces locked the city down...
  • A German MG.42 was shown during the events of Operation SS Freedom, in the United Nazi War Series Episode SS Freedom, however the MG.42 never arrived in America, until November 26th, it is possible that only 2 might have entered American soil, during the early days of the Occupation, and were only used in SS Freedom, however it is revealed that the MG.42 was an error, and was widely known to be replaced with an MG.34 instead leaving November 26th the official date when the MG.42's started to arrive in the country...