Operation Vatile
Date: December 29th, 2011 - September 30th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
  • 200 Veterans Captured or killed in New England...
  • 139 Veterans killed in Russia...
  • New England Veteran familes escape to Canada...
  • Carl Daniels Escapes to US Lines...
  • 200,000 Women and Children killed...
  • 45 Death camps constructed in New England...
  • Nazi Germany constructs more Death Camps in New England...
Operation: Operation Vatile


Operation Vatile also known as The Veteran Holocaust was an Operation conducted by Nazi Germany in order to find and eliminate veterans of the Second World War as a form of Pay back for the Party's disastrous defeat and near collapse in 1945, by Soviet forces and Western allies.

Despite the Germans success in attacking Veterans and capturing several hundred, including the killing of families and relatives to the Veterans, A new German Blitzkrieg in New England against the Outside US forces who returned from Afghanistan and retook North Michigan and about 55 Percent of Upstate New York, from the Nazi's including the Liberations of Mar and Marlowe in Main, while the Second attaction included the Liberation of Poland in 2012, would eventually put an end to this dark Operation.


2011 Holocausts in New EnglandEdit

The Operation was first unleashed on December 29th 2011, immediately after Operation G Valor, where severla thousand American World War II veterans residing in New England were taken from their families, and executed in Manhattan, as an act of Revenge against the United States for its interference in the Second World War.

Another group was found on December 31st, in Vermont where a German Kill squad captured over 200 World War II veterans of North Africa, Italy and, D-Day events and placed them in Death Camps that at this time in New England were constructed by the SS in both Main, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and even in Manhattan Island.

Many of the Veterans who were brought to the Death Camps died of work overdose, many committed suicide by attacking German Guards and getting shot to death, by January 1st 2012, Many Veterans were gathered in Dead Manhattan, and were shipped off to Europe in order to be thrown in Death camps inside Germany as the death camps in New England were starting to become over crowded.

The 2011 Veteran Holocaust in New England was the darkest hour in New England, where a grand total of over 200 Veterans were injured or killed by Nazi forces, many who didn't die in New England were sent over to Germany where they would never again see their homes in New England. Many of the Veterans families were killed as well leaving a grand total of about 200,000 Women and children dead all over New England.

Some Veterans however such as Lt General Carl Daniel's, was actaully able to escape New England back to the American lines just 30 mikes east of Tyrus, and escape to the Mid west from a Nazi Kill Squad, Daniel's escape to the US likes managed to get other Veterans to fight their way out of Occupied New England to either the American lines in Upstate New York, or Canada.

Many veterans however led multiple resistance cells against the Germans, in defending their homes in Neighborhoods against Nazi Invasion, as the Siege of Marbora, Vermont was an example of this. Despite the Holocaust lasting in New England throughout 2012 as well, many Veterans were able to go down at least fighting the Germans, where many even sacrificed themselves in order to allow their families to get away, where many of them died happy, knowing that their sons, daughters and grand kids are safe from the Nazi Occupation.

2012 Russian TheaterEdit

The Second phase of the Holocaust was conducted against Russia, following the Interfering of New Soviet forces at Lor Fields New Jersey on April 26th 2012, where in retaliation, Nazi Germany had invaded and attacked Russland.

The Russian Veteran Holocaust began on August 22nd, 2012, after the Nazi Raid on the villages of Parkoa, Mailov and Arian, where German soldiers stromed and broke through the doors of homes and captured several Russian veterans, transporting them to Poland in order for them to pay for their massacres against their forces in the Second World War.

Aftermath Edit

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