The PROJECT's Staff
PROJECT Council Emblem
Founded: December 3rd, 2012
Years Active: 2012-Present
  • 2091riveraisrael
  • Willoughbyjerry2010
  • Legendarywerewolf206
  • Pokiezilla2
  • DJ Bike Ryder
Known for:   The PROJECT


The PROJECT Staff Council Is known to be the first major Staff Council since The PROJECT's History since 2006. The Staff is cornered of about 4 Members from 2091riveraisrael to Pokiezilla2.

Members Edit

The PROJECT Council is composed of about 4 High ranking members, the 4 members are listed below...

  • Pokiezilla2 (PROJECT's Staff Advisor/Notification Officer)

History Edit

The PROJECT Staff of Councils was founded on the fall of 2012 on December 3rd, after many You Tube members of the PROJECT began to make the PROJECT known, by getting both an Animator, and a Disk Jockey. It was later decided by 2091riveraisrael that The PROJECT would need a staff and decided to hand pick the official staff members. After a brief month of choosing starting from November, It was decided that 2091riveraisrael decided to pick, Pokiezilla 2, Legendarywerewolf206, and DJ Bike Ryder as a part of the Staff mostly because of them havinig bigger parts in The PROJECT. 2091riveraisrael would be the Chairman of the board, along with Willoughbyjerry2010 as the Cheif of Staff plus the Co Chairman.

Pokiezilla2 was known to be selected by 2091riveraisrael as The PROJECT's first official Staff advisor, in the wake of continueing to keep The PROJECT known along with other people who are volunteers to join. Legendarywerewolf206, was given the postion of the Lead Writer, due to the fact that he is the one that first started New Godzilla Team the Seven Seals, and is writing the Episodes alongside 2091riveraisrael. He is considered to be the Co Writer close to 2091riveraisrael. Willoughbyjerry2010, was given the Co Chairman due to him being the first member of The PROJECT during the Early months of 2008, during The PROJECT's 3rd Year. DJ Bike Ryder, or Badassdirtbikeryder was known to be The PROJECT's first official DJ, and was chosen by 2091riveraisrael as The PROJECT's Music Director.


New Godzilla TeamEdit

Monster SquadEdit

Order of Council Edit

Trivia Edit

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