Philip Ever Strong
Born: January 5th, 1983
Died: January 4th, 2082 (Age: 98)
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
  • 34 (As of 2017)
  • 45 (As of 2028)
  • 46 (As of 2029)
  • 54 (As of 2037)
  • 91 (As of 2074)


  • Munitions Designer
Known For: Unknown
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Dr. Philip Ever-Strong was a former U.S. Marine who rose to become one of the top weapons scientists of the early days of the United Nazi War.


Early LifeEdit

Military CareerEdit

Operation Desert StormEdit

Retirment and Return to AmericaEdit

United Nazi War 2011 - 2017Edit

The BlitzEdit

Occupation of New EnglandEdit

Formation of the Tribe of ShadowsEdit

Project JuggernautEdit

War against Nazi GermanyEdit

Infiltrating a High SchoolEdit
Formation of the Tribe of ShadowsEdit
Project JuggernautEdit

Operation DC PurgeEdit

Escaping Igaria RidgeEdit

New Sensation in MaineEdit

Assault on RupikcohonicEdit

Battle of CypressEdit

Raid on ManhattanEdit

Liberation of New EnglandEdit

Post New EnglandEdit

End of UNW WarEdit

Post WarEdit

Return to Military & Independent DesignsEdit

The Plague UprisingEdit

Post Plague UprisingEdit

2060's America DividesEdit

Formation of the United Confederacy of AmericaEdit

Second Civil War & Final MonthsEdit





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