Project Brabrossa

Images on the new German war machines beginning from January 21st and Up...

Project Barbrossa
Was a Project planned by Nazi Germany during the United Nazi War, where they attempted on creating stronger vehicles and planes, enabling themselves to withstand against the guns of the 21st Century. It also served as Nazi Germany's major doorway into the 21st Century Era.

History Edit

Project Barbrossa was created on the day of the small portion of the United State's Military return, On November 29th, 2011, bringing about the first time that Science Fiction would be produced amongst history and too the Nazi War Machine in the U.S. Hitler ordered the Industries of Berlin, along with the rest of Germany to begin the project after receiving a report from German forces in the United States, who watched the War Of the Worlds some where In the early stages of the Nazi Invasion.

The Project was known to create giant fighting machines, fighter jets, and stronger armored Tanks. The Ratte Tank was even constructed as well along with other vehichles that could no longer be done during the Second World War thanks too 21st Century Technology, the events of Project Barbrossa brought about the beginning of a new Era too the Nazi Party and as well a major turning point in it's history since it's founding in 1933, opening the doors, and welcoming it into the 21st Century.

Equipment and Vehicles Constructed...

United Nazi War Video GameEdit

The United Nazi War Video Game, marked the first major appearance of Project Barbrossa. The appearance of Project Barbrossa is only mentioned after the player survived and escaped the battle of Ranora Town. The Project however would then be launched some time in January of 2012.

At the end of the game, the player is shown to fight off one of the Night Walkers, during the Battle of Hollow Hill at the end of Operation Von Dale on January 22nd, 2012, which served as one of the first products to have been constructed from Berlin during the opening stages of Project Barbrossa. The Night Walker is the final boss of the game, as the Protagonists has to destroy the giant walker in order to defend his/her train (your only method of escaping the war once and for all) while at the same time preventing the think from reaching Hollow Hill in the distance. The game is over when you destroy the four legged Walker.

Trivia Edit

  • The Germans managed to watch War Of the Worlds in the Occupied States on November 18th, bringing about their inspire to the Idea of giant fighting machines to use against the United Nations to get even with modern fire arms of today...
  • Preparations for the Project started on the 1st Of December, after a small bulk of the United States Military arrived from Afghanistan and threw the Nazi's out of Michigan, in November 30th...
  • Project Barbrossa was named after the Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union, in 1939, Operation Barbrossa...
  • The First Night Walker of Nazi Germany Is scheduled by 2091riveraisrael to make their first appearance in the United Nazi War Video Game, where it attempts to Attack the Train, and the Player must board and destroy it before it reaches the Train...

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