Propane and propane tanks have been used as Improvised Explosive Device in attacks and attempted attacks against schools and terrorist targets and in car bombs. Propane Bombs are used by multiple factions such as Terrorist and Perpetrators. 2 of these bombs were constructed during the Columbine Massacre on August 20th, 1999 by Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold, but the detonators had refused to ignite forcing the teens to shoot out the school and detonate them later on during the massacre. After igniting the bomb the fires were immediately b\put out by fire sprinklers, and Harris & Klebold, committed Suicide Minutes after. The Propane bomb was also known as a weapon for terroism as it has been used multiple times in the war on Terrorism.

A Propane bomb was even hidden inside a Kart at Termite Ave, during the United Nazi War, and was detonated by a lit fuse which caused the deaths of 532 German soldiers as they were marchin through the street. Other bombs detonated else where at the times of the war, but the most occurred during the Koran Massacre of 2013.

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