The Javlin Heights Raid
The Javlin Raid
Date: May 7th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Javlin Heights Germany
Status: Militia Victory...
  • Stolen AK-47's reclaimed...
  • Nazi Germany's studies grind too a halt...
  • German Militia flee too Kark Hill...


The Raid on Javlin Heights, was a coordinated attack conducted by German Militia about 5 miles from Berlin in Germany. The raid was conducted by stealth tactics in attempts too try and retrieve The AK-47's that were salvaged from New England in 2011 by Nazi forces. The order of the raid was too prevent Nazi Germany from learning the secrets of 21st Century Technology, and prevent them from becoming up too date with the worlds militaries.

It was never mentioned where in Upstate New York the AK-47's were salvaged, but it is possible the assault rifles might have come from either the Cartel Theater, or Gradossa.


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The RaidEdit

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