Rege Theater
Date: 2012 - Ongoing
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Rege, Russia
Status: Ongoing...
Outcome: None at the moment
Operation: Neilfar


The Rege Theater also known as Operation Neilfar or The Rege Campaign, was as key engagement fought in the United Nazi War as part of the Fascist Reich's second Invasion of Russia, that began unknown date up to of 2012.

Prior to the Events Edit

The CampaignEdit

Operation NeilfarEdit

Fall of DimitriEdit

Main article: Invasion of Dimitri

Advance towards RegeEdit

Kerchek OffensiveEdit

Advance on KamacovEdit

Main article: Siege of Kamacov

Invasion of KerchekEdit

Main article: The Kerchek Offensive

New Soviet CounterattackEdit

Aftermath Edit


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