Rhineborough (Occupied New Jersey)
Established: November 9th 2011
Collapse: February 22nd, 2015
Era: United Nazi War
Years Active: 2011-2015
Active: 3 Years...
Status: Liberated by United Nations...
Continent: North America, United States


Rhineborough also known by most New Englanders, as Occupied New Jersey was one of the States that were occupied by Nazi Germany in the Northeastern United States. New Jersey was considered the state that was given the name by Nazi Germany during the 1st year of New England's occupation, before the entire section portion of the states became Hiyarm.

Rhineborough at the time of the Occupation was known to be a major boarder section of New England, in which several thousand U.A.B.F fan militia forces were fighting during the Blitz and were later trapped in the state when New Jersey was occupied on November 10th, From 2011 to 2012, most of the U.A B.F in occupied New Jersey, had attempted several times to break through the German Inland Inertia Line, and flee into Pennsylvania, but all attempts were always repelled due to strong German defenses, but mostly due to German search and destroy battalions that were sent out from Brumar (Occupied Trenton).

The City of Regal was later found by the U.A.B.F in early February of 2012, and was later used as a refugee fortress for the U.A.B.F forces trapped in Rhineborough while also providing a safe haven for most of the civilians and American Resistance forces that were unable to escape New England during the Boston Evacuation in 2011.

Fighting continued to escalate throughout most of Rhineborough until April of 2012, when a New Foreign faction arrived at Lor Fields and managed to protect a large group of U.A.B.F forces that were already under siege and on the verge of being annihilated, this faction was later Identified as the New Soviet Union, a faction that was established from Ranov Russia.

This attack would shatter Nazi Order in Rhineborugh order in occupied New Jersey leading to multiple Riots and guerilla attacks against the Germans by U.A.B.F forces and American Resistance forces, while under the aide of the New Soviets.

These attacks would force pressure down on Occupied New Jersey which would later force several American Civilians out of they're homes and into Concentration Camps located in Main, Upstate New York, and other places of New England, that were constructed during the early days of the Occupation, and would later lead to wide spread panic and dissolution of much of the American Resistance when some Americans turned on the Resistance in order to save they're own skins.

By May of 2012, the Nazi's had managed to overrun most of the American Restiance and U.A.B.F in the region that would later force most of the refugee's into Hiding and fleeing towards Regal City, while several other had hoped to escape Hiyarm and into Pennsylvania. Though one portion of the Refugee's had escaped, the faction at Regal City would be annihilated by a German Invasion, along with the New Soviet forces that were also left in the country following Lor Fields.

After Regal City, the remaining refugee's were able to escape Occupied Rhineborough, due to the sacrafice of the Regal City Garrison.

Following Regal City, Rhinebourough was known to have been quiet following the rest of the Nazi Occupation throughout 2012, as no other uprising or riot had commenced, signifying that most of the rioters have died away or escaped during the occupation.

Rhineborough was liberated and renamed New Jersey again on February 22nd, of 2015, following the Liberation of New England, and the collapse of Hiyarm from United Nation forces who had finally managed to escape Afghanistan.

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