The Rhode Island Dance Party Also known by most Rhode Islanders as The Rhode Island Gathering was a large Party that took place during the United Nazi War in Nazi Occupied Rhode Island on August 13th, of 2013 in New England.

The Party was known to be sent out in the Country Side of Rhode Island, and out of Metropolitan areas in order to be held in secret remote locations from Nazi Germany, whom made American parties illiegel all over New England since the Occupation, and is known to be outdoors, unlike the rest of the secret parties that are held throughout Occupied Regal City, Tyrus, Jada, and Aerial, that are held indoors in secret locations throughout the cities. 

Rhode Island was known to hold the most Parties, due to it's Country Side and made Americans feel more happier in order to heal their scars from Nazi Occupation.

These Parties continued on August 13th, even After the United Nazi War had ended, as a Celebration of New England's liberation a year after in 2014.

Track ListingEdit

  • David Morales- Lea Lorian Feat-Would You Feel?
  • röyksopp- what else is there (original)


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