The Ruins

The Ruins, shown At Night created by 2091riveraisrael on the Night of February 17th, 2014

The Ruins
are a fictional set of Temples and other Ruins located in North Eastern Vermont in New England. The Ruins are known to be described as both a mixture of a temple/ruins style area, with many obstacles.

Many of the walkways fall to the ground, due to them being weak and brittle, and they're are many Tiki type Status, the shape as Gorilla Heads. The ruins were discovered by Nazi Germany 12 months after the Occupation of New England, in 2011 on October 2nd, of 2012 and was also known to have served as a staging area for German forces in Vermont.

The Ruins were eventually liberated, by the United States Inland Army in the year 2014 on May 7th. The Ruins remained in US hands until New England's Liberation in 2015. It is widley unknown how the ruins were created and established, but it could be possible that the Ruins were constructed by Native Amerucans in AD, or the 15th century, before America's Existence.

But studies was able to reveal by researchers that the ruins of this unidentified region was constructed by the same Natives that made Rupikcohonic, and the ruins date back as being made 801,000 years before Rupikcohonic's construction suggesting that the ruins were build and created in 800,628 BC.

The city was somewhat destroyed during an unknown event that occurred in 204 AD, as it was stated by scientist that the city was left abandoned after its destruction and most of its inhabitants were left dead.


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