The Second Battle of Hollow Hill commonly referred to as The Retaking of Hollow Hill was a major key engagement following the Battle of Ackerson and the Liberation of Sega during the events of the United Nazi War, fought between the United States Inland Army and Nazi Germany for strategic control of 2091riveraisrael's former Head Quarters on Hollow Hill, that had fallen a month Earlier on January 23rd 2012, during the Nazi Blitzkrieg Operation Von Dale in the opening weeks of 2012.

The United States Military had managed to prevail against the Nazi's and managed to reclaim the hill on February 22nd, 2012 under the wishes of Kara Leina who had learned of Hollow Hill's occupation since January 23rd.

Despite the liberation of Hollow Hill, 2091riveraisrael and those of Echo Park were no where on the hill by the time of the Hill's Liberation, though Hollow Hill was free and Nazi Germany was defeated a second time in Michigan, Kara would become terrified after learning from the Hospital in Gail Town, that 2091riveraisrael was no longer on the hill at the time of the US Military's arrival.


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