The Second Non Blood War
Hollow Hill
Date: November 7th, 2009 - November 27th, 2009


Status: K.L. Victory...
  • Kara Leina surrenders warfuns back too 2091riveraisrael...
  • Assasination attempt fails on 2091riveraisrael...
  • The first power is constructed...
Creator: 2091riveraisrael

The Second Nero War

Prelude Edit

War Edit

The war began on November 7th, 2009, when Echo Park, sought to dramatically gain thier War Efforts back, by invading Cincinnati City. Any opposition from the United Alliance-controlled regions would be crushed in a subsequent invasion of all other U.A Controlled Regions around North Michigan.

The first stage in the 2091riveraisrael's Independence plans was the invasion of the Kara Leina's controlled Cincinnati City. Initially the suffered massive casualties on In the city after An Initial surprise Invasion, Despite a very successful strike on the city, Kara Leina now 13 years of age, orders her forces to tighten their perimeters around the city, and thanks to the heroic actions of Stirling and Ruthie, The United Alliance arrived with reinforcements, the invasion was halted and the L.F.O.W were forced to fall back and regroup, At Leina Field.

Two weeks later, the E.P Attempted to Attack the U.A.B.F in Upstate New York was in November 14th. In an attempt to gain a second base of Operations if Hollow Hill should come under fire. Unfortunately, the E.P invasion of the Terrance Hills has failed due to U.A.B.F being more skilled and advanced. After E.P forces pulled out of the Upstate Area, the U.A.B.F worked sides with the Kara Legion and United Alliance in order to help bring about the end to the E.P Uprising.

In the wake of Defeat on November 27th, due to 2091riveraisrael's failure to regain his war effort, and his fan militia going into Dept a second time. 2091 orders all L.F.O.W Forces to stage a defense strategy, expanding from the town of Sega, to Nero Fields. As the remnants of the E.P fought hard against Several attacks caused by the United Alliance and United Alliance of Brenda Fans. 2091riveraisrael developed a new kind of Assault rifle, that was known to shoot through any thick walls with a powerful Punching power, with It's design similar to the AK-47. This new Gun was known as the AK-47 Of Rapid Power mostly due to It's punching Power, that was known to be stronger than those of an Automatic Barret.

Despite the successful testing of the of the Rapid Power, 2091riveraisrael never had the time to create a large stock, mostly due to the war coming towards him with each passing hour. However 2091riveraisrael attempted to call in a surrender document to Kara Leina, hoping on sparing his fan Militia, and even went as far as going back to Cincinnati City and confrontation her in her Tree house. Despite her refusing to come down or talk due to anger of him unleashing the war to begin with. 2091riveraisrael than left the surrender Documents right at the trunk, than responded to her in the tree stating that he will never save his fan Militia from being thrown out of their homes now that she took his War efforts last year, and began to walk away where he sat down on the steps of the front door of the house, In a large state of depression.

Kit however came outta of the tree as soon as 2091riveraisrael turned his back, and just slowly walked up to him. She stated that all she wanted to do was to have him spend time with her like he used to before Echo Park, where 2091riveraisrael stated in his defense, that he was just getting a military ready in order to fight against future gangs, or better yet the possibility of a Foreign Invasion. Kara offers him a deal that she will give him back the War Effort, if 2091 agrees to move back in with her and and father, 2091 agreed finally ending the war, with Kit giving him a large hug.

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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