Siege of Harcus
Date: November 15th, 2011 - April 26th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War

Main Since 2011...

Arrived Late in 2012...

Region: Lor FieldsNew Jersey

New Soviet/U.A.B.F. Victory...

  • New Soviet Union Establishes foot hold In Rhineborough...
  • U.A.B.F. soldiers finally Escape Northern Rhinebourough...
  • Nazi Germany declares war on Russia...
  • Siege of Harcus ends...
  • Nazi Germany surprised on new Invaders...
  • New Soviet Union establishes a Guerilla war along side Resitance and Fan Milita fighters against Nazi Germany...
Operation: Brenda Crusher


The Siege of Harcus was a specifcal 6 month engagement which occured from November 15th, of 2011 until April 26th of 2012, between German forces and trapped United Alliance of Brenda Fan Milita forces in the Lor Fields region of Harcus.

The Siege was known to be conducted by Nazi forces in a bold attempt, to prevent a large force of Brenda Miltia forces from escaping Rhineborough by Sea, and entrapping them in the Harcus Field region of Lor Fields, where they planned to keep them besieged until their supplies run out, they surrender or they fight until the last man.

The Siege was able to shell, and repulse several U.A.B.F postions and attacks throughout Harcus, for the last 6 months until the Siege was finally broken, when Nazi forces were forced to divert their power from Harcus towards Lor Fields, when the New Soviet Union landed, on April 26th 2012.

Despite being much more of a larger force than the New Soviet Union, Nazi Germany was annhilated in Harcus and forced to withdraw from Lor Fields, due to obtaining too many losses on their end from New Soviet 21st Century weaponry.

The Attack on Lor Field managed to by the U.A.B.F Time to escape deeper into New Jersey until they reached the Southern part, where they would remain until the Fall of Regal City about 2 months later on June 1st of 2012, where a large bulk of the U.A.B.F that survived the siege were killed by German forces during Regal Cities downfall, but several others were known to have also escape due to the sacrifice of the New Soviet forces in the area, hinting that not all U.A.B.F forces that were around during this siege died out in Regal City.


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