Siege of Kamacov
Battle of Kamacov
Date: September 26th, 2012 - September 27th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Kamacov, Russia
Status: New Soviet Victory...
  • 4 German attacks repelled...
  • German army shells Kamacov..
  • SS Advances on Kerchek...
  • 'New Soviets break out of Kamacov...
  • Nazi Germany withdraws...
Operation: Neilfar


The Siege of Kamacov commonly known as The Battle of Kamacov was an engagement in the United Nazi War, in the final weeks of the Russian Campaign during the Rege Theater, fought between September 26th, to September 27th, 2012 for control of the Russian Federation town of Kamacov, outside of Russland.

The Engagement was won in a Russian victory, as the New Soviets were successfully able to withstand the German attacks with the use of left over 21st technology that they had managed to prevent from falling to the Russian Federation.

The German failed attacks at Kamacov including the failed Invasion of Kerchek, 20 miles east, would crush the German's chances on advancing deeper into the Russian Federation from the South, as Turmocov was also a disaster to the North.

Prior to the Events Edit

The SiegeEdit

First Ground AttackEdit

Second AttackEdit

Artillery BombardmentEdit

Third AttackEdit

Fourth AttackEdit

New Soviet CounterattackEdit



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