Siege of Norman
Siege Of Norman
Date: November 15th, 2011 - November 17th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Norman Fields, Upstate N.Y.
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Nazi Germany discovers the Home town of The U.A.B.F...
  • Germans amass for Operation Gradossa...
  • U.A.B.F lose Hampton o Operation Gradossa on November 20th...


The Siege of Norman Fields Was known to be the Nazi Discovery of the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans Hometown, of Carcus Town, and the known Opening to the fall of Hampton 2 days after on November 19th, leading towards the events of Operation Gradossa on November 20th, of 2011.

Nazi Expansion Edit

Battle of Norman Fields Edit

Germans Attacked At Norman FieldsEdit

On November 15th, taking place 4 days before Operation Gradossa, in 011, the U.A.B.F Attacked a Nazi Patrol in the Norman fields while attempting to scout out the area for U.A.B.F positions in the region.

The sounds of shots and battle were later discovered by German officials watching from the distance, where they start getting itchy fingers on why the U.A.B.F are so far to the west of Upstate New York. Though the attack on quelling the Nazi' Patrols were accomplished, it would be from this very attack on the where of fueling Nazi Suspicions on the fields.

The following attacks on Nazi soldiers in the region led to an intense Siege of the entire fields, where Nazi Field Artillery and Rail Gun emplacements hammered the entirely plains, but had no effect on the dug in U.A.B.F forces hidden in the hills and the tall grass.

Endless U.A.B.F attacks continue to occur against Nazi regiments both armor, and Infantry a like throughout the first 2 days of the Siege, bringing about Nazi Germany to call in more armor support in order to protect the Infantry, but this to fails due to strong U.A.B.F artillery positions located in the hills about 20 miles near Fort Mar.

Fortress MarEdit

Main article: Fall of Mar

about a couple of hours after the Nazi patrols were forced to withdraw from the fields, the U.A.B.F attackers returned to Mar Fortress, a large regional fortress located on the Highlands of Norman Fields, over looking the Plains below, The U.A.B.F have soon discovered that before the Nazi patrols were attacked on the plains below, they had managed to discover TV, in the near by Towns throughout the entire Country Side, resulting into them being more and more up to date with 21st Century technology.

U.A.B.F officials feared this the most, for if Nazi Germany ever got up to date with technology, it could be the end of the United States before they knew it. A day after more bad news occurred, that Nazi Germany was once again repelled during a second wave of patrols, but one managed to find out about Brenda Kylie's Location along with the U.A.B.F Home city, before the German who found the Panflit got shot, a U.A.B.F soldier had over heard him talkin with others that the Nazi's were trying to find the U.A.B.F Home town, and sadly they have.

All though the Nazi's although completely suspicious were still completely unaware that Fort Mar had tightened it's defenses on the High grounds sending more and more attacks to quell the Germans down in the fields below, eventually even though they were able to repel multiple waves, the Nazi's eventually grew annoyed from these attacks and sent the North Army in order to destroy all U.A.B.F. forces located in the Norman Fields Area.

A Large ground engagement began in the trenches, as the Nazi's attended to ascend Fort Mar, but were repelled due to intense U.A.B.F defenses, but under intense pounding from newly arrived Nazi Kupp Rail Gun emplacements firing from 39 miles away, the U.A.B.F were forced to abandon the plains and retreat to Fort Mar, where they alerted, Hampton of the Nazi presents in Norman Field, in order to allow them to strengthen the lines outside the Fort. Unfortunately the Nazi's along with tank support overran Mar by the time they had arrived, forcing the Hampton U.A.B.F to fortify the outer defenses.

Discovering Carcus TownEdit

Despite the Large engagement that took place At Norman Fields, in Western Upstate New York, The SS Were less successful in discovering the exact location of the British Singer Brenda Kylie. But their luck changed some time 3 days later following Fort Mar, on November 17th, where the same German Force that attacked the Norman fields and had occupied Mar Fortress, had also managed to wipe out a small U.A.B.F ban about 12 miles South East of Carcus Town about 43 miles away, where they later discovered the Concert add and the exact date of Brenda Kylie's arrival in the United States.

Hitler responded to this ad by a massing a large Nazi Invasion force to crush Carcus Town during her performance there by exterminating the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, and arresting Brenda Kylie for her aggressiveness against the SS on November 8th.

Invasion of Hampton Edit

Main article: Fall of Hampton

Falling the Evacuation and fall of Fort Mar on November 17th, the U.A.B.F fell back to Hampton, but much to their surprise the Nazi's never bothered to attack.

This change of events would force much of the town to go at ease, but still was known to have tough defenses just incase of an emergency. However during a Morning patrol on November 19th The SS followed a small group of U.A.B.F forces to Hampton, which was known to be one of the U.A.B.F's major chilling out spots close to Kar, that fell 9 Days ago, on November 9th, 2011 during The Blitz.

The Nazi's surprised the entire U.A.B.F Garrison at Hampton, while they were chilling out playing Brenda Kylie, and video games.

Before the Attack the U.A.B.F Garrison managed to catch wind, that Brenda Kylie has just entered the country from England, by flying over Canada, and that her Concert was going to begin tommorow at Carcus Town.

The fans celebrated while shooting guns and tanks into the sky they couldn't wait to listen to their mistress perform once again in their home city.

This battle was known to be the opening Engagement to Operation Gradossa, which was Initiated on November 20th, the day after the SS Attacked Hampton.

At first the U.A.B.F have been able to repel the first Nazi offensive on the town, but the Nazi Main force arrived into the region a day after on November 20th, taking control of the town and securing a major gate way towards Carcus Town, Operation Gradossa had begun.

Aftermath Edit

German Patrol Wiped OutEdit

Main article: Hale Field Skirmish

The Germans Tightened there perimeter after both their defeat at Cartel Hill and their victory against the Americans During Operation SS Freedom.

However a group of American National guard mixed with Inland Soldiers led by surviving member George S. Miller who apparently survived the German Onslaught at Tyrus, during the failure of Operation SS Freedom, leads a group of World War II Veterans to attack a large group of Germans that were located In the fields of Hale.

It was stated by 2091riveraisrael that these Germans were stationed for something, but to what they were up too was completely unknown. After a complete surprise Attack by Miller shooting a Single German soldier in the field a large brutal firefight erupts.

Despite the Germans having more men than Miller and his squad, the Germans were picked off one by one by each and every one of the American Veterans of the second World War, they managed to send the Krauts Running.

After much of the Germans retreated while the other lay dead and wounded from all over the field a group of National Guards men managed to capture a couple of German POW's, while the regular army boys continued to fire amongst the fleeing Germans.

The POW's claimed that they were Polish, but the Americans not believing a single word of this forced information outta them.

Though not stated in the Episode, 2091riveraisrael concluded that these Germans were known to be a recon squad that managed to find Carcus Town and Brenda Kylie's location a couple days earlier after finding the Pan flip and as well watching the Commercial on CSN, for the first time in the City of Tyrus.

After Operation Hell Storm Miller and his men raced for Carcus Town and informed the U.A.B.F. that the Germans now knew where they are, and that they know as well that there singing Legend is in Grave danger.

This problems would later forced an Immediate American Cancellation of Brenda Kylie's American tour for 2011, but Richard Nix, her studio manager and producer rejected both American and British cancellations and continued with the Tour despite America's warnings of Nazi Presence in the Country.

Trivia Edit

  • It was learned that the SS, were the ones engaged at Norman Fields, from November 15th until its end on November 17th, revealing that the SS were in New England before the arrival of the Wehmarcht on November 18th which ironically was the day that the Blitz ended...
  • Their were no planes present during the Siege of Norman, the cause of this was mostly done because of the Germans fighting against armed Fan Militas instead that of an actual Army...
  • A small group of Germans were on the field during the Opening engagement on November 15th, stating that the SS at the time before the Siege were expanding further into New England and Upstate New York at the time...
  • The German;s discovered Brenda Kylie's concert with the use of an Advertising Pan flip during the Siege...
  • It was unknown who was commanding the SS at the time of the Expansion, but it is most likely that the Expansion forces might have been coordinated by Krebbs from Berlin...
  • The Siege of Norman was known as the Opening Engagement to both Operation Gradossa and the Hale Field Skirmish...
  • The Engagement at Norman Fields, was known to be one of the mid events during The Blitz...
  • The Siege of Norman although being imitated as the opening engagement to Operation Gradossa, and the Hale Fields Skirmish, but was also an engagement, that ended a day prior to the Blitz's end...