St Monar was a fictional town located in Northern Main about 5 miles south of the coast of Lake ontario, and about 20 miles west of the Atlanitc coast. the town was best known for the Assault on St Monar during the United Nazi War, which led to an American victory deep in German territory on the Night of February 4th, 2014.



St Monar was founded in 1891, by American land keeper and farmer John Monar, where in rural respects to his death in 1902, the town was named St Monar in honors of the towns fallen founder. The town from the early 20th century up to the 21st, had sought to be a large historical event in America's history and was also valued as a national treasure, where it was later revealed that most of the Americans who fought during the United Nazi War from 2014 to 2015, were born and raised from this very town.

1920's to 2000'sEdit

From World War II to VietnamEdit

In the Modern Era from 1921 to 1955, St Monar was used as a major recruitment center for young men of the United States who were willing to serve in the American armed forces during both the second World War, and Korean war in 1953, by 1961, the town was than used among other cities in the country in order to enlists the help of more men in order to fight the Vietnam War, during that same era in 1965.

By the end of the Vietnam War era, the town was since than used for its major historical beauty and residents, as no government attention had ever returned to St Monar, not even during the Gulf War in 1991, Iraqi Freedom in 2003, or the War in Afghanistan by 2001.

2011 to 2014Edit

Blitz & Fall of St MonarEdit

German OccupationEdit

Liberation in 2014Edit


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