Attack On Toru Fields Michigan
Toru Fields Shootout
Date: November 26th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Toru fields, Northeastern Michigan
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Nazi Forces occupy Cincinnati City...
  • Toru fields becomes major staging area for Nazi Invasion of Michigan...
Operation: Kittredge


The Toru Field Attack, was known as the beginning stage of Operation Kittredge Occurring on November 26th In Northeastern Michigan just 4 miles outside Cincinnati City during the early weeks of the United Nazi War in 2011, the goal of this attack was to open up the road for the German main force to land at Keel Beach, and advance West to Cincinnati City.

The Battle mainly concluded when the German raiding party that cleared the terriain of Hunters in the woods, later encountered in a shootout with United Alliance fighters, and had managed to drive them away, further allowing the German main force to land in North Michigan.

The Attack on Toru Fields was known by most Americans in North Michigan as the first major Battle of Operation Kittredge, also referring to it as the Opening engagement of the Theater.

Prior to the Events Edit

Attack Edit

After an Initial Bombing run, on German forces At Termite Ave Carcus Town, along with a large and daring shoot out on the streets, from Armed civilians and U.A.B.F forces in the vicinity, the Germans were known to lose a grand total of about 532, soldiers that day.

About 2 days after the attack, German soldiers managed to study the bodies of the dead resistance members, and later traced them all the way to Michigan, where Hitler soon found out that they were sent by Kara Leina, who would rather be called Kit Kittredge, rather than her original name. She was known to send her forces into Carcus Town in order to stop the War on American Soil.

The Germans outraged from this act of Aggression began to amass at Carcus Town for a full Scale Blitzkrieg of Michigan in order to make the State pay for It's Bombing run.

On November 26th, a 20 man German squad managed to cross the Great lakes of both Ontario and Hunrun, landing at the beach of Keel, where they were soon given a Half Track, and a Volkswagen Kübelwage in order for the Squads to increase their speed while moving up through Michigan's heavily grassy, hill, and wooded terrains.

On Toru fields, about 4 miles from Keel beach, a large group of Hunters were out hunting Moose, and Reindeer in the woods mostly on the count of it being Moose hunting Season in Michigan and the United States Mid West.

Hunters began firing at just about anything that moves from within the shadows, knowing that it was an animal. The Hunters never knew that every time they fired their rifles, the lound blast of the shot would be heard by 20 SS forces who were only about 3 miles away.

After killing a deer, 2 Hunters came down to retrieve it their new trophy, only to get ambushed by German forces who surprised them from the woods. they managed to kill 2, but the 2 Hunters never stood a chance. After finding out that their were hunters in the Field, the Germans switched their tactics to Search and Destroy, and split their force in 2.

about 13 Germans went with the Half track patrolling the North West, while 4 more Germans were in the Kubelwage, patrolling the South West.

German Mop UpEdit

The shoot out began at Toru Cliff where the German Kubelwage Patrol managed to take out a group of Hunters from long range, on the other side of the cliff. 4 Hunters dropped dead while the others ran off back into the woods. The sounds of the gun shots echoed all over the Toru fields, gaining the Hunter's attention, allowing them to discover that they are not the only people in the region.

4 Went to investigate the gun shots, and arrived at Toru cliff gasping when they saw 4 Hunters dead on the ridge below. What freaked them out the most is that they saw a Kubelwage right on the other side of the cliff, along with 4 German soldiers inspecting the dead hunters from down below.

Hunters shooting at Germans

Hunters firng at Germans, on Toru Fields, before the United Alliances arrival on November 26th, 2011...

After witnessing this, It became official, Nazi Germany is in Michigan. The Hunters that witnessed the Germans quickly returned back to their friends in the region, where they eventually planned on taking out the Small German Garrison in the region, thinking that the Germans in the Kubelwage are the only ones on Michigan Soil.

Hunters eventually took positions hidden in the trees, while they were over looking the German Kublewage that was moving at fast speed Through the tall grass, while another version of the Hunters returned to Cincinnati City and informed the forces of the United Alliance who were in the middle of arming themselves for future Invasion.

The Hunters managed to attack the Kubelwage Patrol pinning them down in the Tall grass, while using MG.3's and MG.42s that were given to them from the E.P about 3 hours after the SS Patrols have just landed, but the Germans used the Tall grass as cover in order to make their way towards the sound of the shots.

The Hunters managed To kill at least 2 Germans, but they were soon attacked from their rear from the Half Track Patrol, and managed to silence the Hunters.

The whole Field of Toru was cleared after 20 Minutes, and the German Patrols later went separate, the Kubelwage, returned to Keen Beach to establish a foot hold On Michigan while the Half Track Patrol, continued to roam around the field searching for any signs of Hunters, or Intruders.

However at 7:04 P.M. during the time of sunset the German Halftrack patrol came under fire from U.A. forces who have just arrived in the region. Despite an attempt to wipe out the halftrack patrol, they were ill equipped and easily wiped out.

30 minutes after a much larger wave of United Alliance forces poured in from trees and stalled the SS patrol, using the thick tall grass for cover. Though they were managed to shoot at least 12 Germans, they too were repelled by reinforcements from the Kublewage who have just arrived along with a second Halftrack patrol.

After forcing the U.A back into the trees the Germans chased after clearing out the entire tree line making sure that there were no other U.A. forces in the region. After clearing the region of all presences, the SS Were now the only man in Toru.

Hours later the German Main force arrived from Occupied Gambler Region, and strengthened the SS Territory in Toru later conquering the whole field without a single shot being fired.

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first major engagement in the United Nazi War, where Armed American Hunters would attack German soldiers...
  • This was the opening Engagement to Operation Kittredge...
  • Toru Fields was going to be a mission in the Game UNW Regional Warfare, but the idea was scrapped mostly due to it being most likely unfair for the player for several reasons...
    • One of the reasons would be, that the Player would have no one to command but normal human Hunters armed nothing more then Hunting rifles, where they can be heard and spotted easily with heavily armed German soldiers with STG-44 Rifles, MP40's and Kar 98 Bolt Action rifles...
    • The Second reason would be that the United Alliance would have no Armor support of any kind, mostly due to the fact of this opening engagement just occurring at Michigan, this would eventually cease any hopes of United Alliance attempts to prepare and buy Tanks off Military FireArms.Net...
    • The third reason would be, that the SS would have armor support, consisting of both the Half Track and Kubblewagon, the 2 main vehicles that were present at the time of the Episode Payback...
  • Toru Fields was the first engagement, where Germans Invaders in America were armed with STG-44 Assault Rifles, revealing that during this time the SS were able to get their most powerful guns to North America by late November...
  • The engagement at Toru Fields, was the first known engagement of the United NAzi War where the MG.42 returned to Combat, and was also known as the first known engagement where MG.42's were on American Soil...
  • In Episode Payback, the Battle is shown in the Web Series, but the fight along with the Hunters in the forests was no longer shown due to a battle being impossible to locate on YouTube...