The Aqua Power
Major Powers UNW Series
Manufactured: 2019
Designer: Kara Leina
Industry: Gale Town
Range: 700-899 Yards,
Cartriges: Liquid Water
Type: Deadly Stream of Pressurized Water
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Aqua Power


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  • It was revealed in 2037, that the Aqua Power, had a special Upgrade which allowed the Power to fire a powerful Ice Beam, if the User, places even the smallest of Ice Cubes, including one single cube of ice, in the Power's Cartridge system would project a powerful beam of Ice that would freeze or destroy anything it touches, it was than discovered that Kara Leina created this as a form of Offense in case Water Power alone was not enough to bring down a target, Tragically Kara never lived to see her Upgrade be tested for the first time by 2037, by Nolan Ross, who he himself along with Jak and Terrance were surprised on the existence of this upgrade...
    • It was also revealed that this Upgrade was perfect enough to slow down even Magma or could some times freeze Magma if conducted enough Ice inside the Cartridge system, as proof was shown during the events of the Morkoff Incident in January 4th, 2037, when Rim Fergus, was attacking the Town with the Magma Power...
  • The Aqua Power was the only power to ever be developed by a Female, as no other Power was developed by females, but males...
  • The Aqua Power was developed by Kara Leina, in order to surprise and Counter Nolan Ross's Rapid Power in 2019, in order to try and beat Nolan Ross in his own game of Power, meaning that Kara Leina wanted to get even with Nolan Ross following the Second Nero War 11 years ago in 2008...
  • The Aqua Power was used by Kara Leina 3 times, she died by 2024, revealing that she didn't use the Aqua Power that much, hinting that she might have had no interest in it, as Nolan Ross did with the Rapid Power...

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