Arbore Bridge




Destroyed: September 16th, 2012

R.R.E.P Rail Road Expansion Program

Owend By:

United States

Region: Arkor Hills, Maryland
Era: United Nazi War

Railway Bridge

Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Arbore Bridge was a historical Bridge that was constructed in Eastern Maryland in the Arkor Hills overlooking Roland Square and the Atlantic Ocean below. Built and opened on January 2nd 1887, the Bridge was mostly designed and designated as a fast travel route during the Rail Road Expansion Program of 1887. The Bridge was mostly chosen and designed in order to allow people to travel from Other parts of Maryland and Delaware to Washington DC faster instead of traveling around the Appalachian Mountains or through Inland parts of Maryland.

The Bridge had remained a historical land mark for about 123 years, until 2012, when the Bridge sadly had to be sacrificed in order to save thousands of American Civilian and military lives during the Invasion of Washington DC.

The Bridge was occupied along with Roland Square and the entire Eastern Coast of Maryland by September 12th and was mostly used to transport German trains filled with Supplies troops and Munitions to Washington DC which eventually allowed the Germans to overrun the American presence in the Capital by September 13th, and surround them at the Grand Mall by September 15th.

The Bridge met its end on September 16th 2012, when the OSS Sent agent Jarid Patterson into the Occupied Arkor Mountains to destroy the Bridge in a desperate attempt in order to prevent a German Schwerer Gustav-class Rail gun from crossing and entering firing range of the American capital.

The bridge was destroyed, sending the Nazi Rail Gun plunging in the ravine below where its wreckage remained for the years to come.

Though the Bridge was destroyed, its Destruction managed to save thousands of American Lives in Washington DC Along with the privilege of putting the Landmark out of its misery and saving it from being Under Nazi Occupation for a day further.

Some time after the Bridges destruction the City and surrounding sides of Roland Square including Arkor Hill, along with a Wounded Jarid Patterson were both saved and liberated by British and Canadian forces who landed and managed to break through the German lines on the coast where they linked up and saved Washington DC from falling to Nazi Germany that same day. The Bridge even though it was destroyed, was reconstructed 10 years later on December 2nd 2022 and was preserved as a Museum for the events that occurred during the Battle of Roland Square where a Plaque was constructed in the center of the bridge where the Bridge was first destroyed on September 16th 2012, to Identify the spot of Heroism that was conducted during that day.

The Wreckage of the Schwerer Gustav had still remained in the Ditch where it fell 10 years ago and was preserved as part of the Museum by 2024, where Walkways were built in order to allow Tourist and Americans from all over the country to travel down and take picture of the Wreckage. The Bridge has remained a museum since than, but was still remember for its Passed history before its Destruction in 2012.


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