The Atom Holocaust


April 5th, 1945 - August 13th, 1946

Death Toll:

millions Maximum...

Continent Target:

Soviet Union Russia


Nazi Germany


  • Smolensk wiped out off the face of The Soviet Union
  • Soviets Surrender to Put an end to the Holocaust...
  • Nazi Germany Filly Conquers Russia
  • Stalin is Executed by an SS Kill Squad in 1958...

Weapons Used:

Atom Bombs

The Atom Holocaust Was one of the most deadliest and destructive strategies Man has ever done in the history of War. it was known to be the near annihilation of the Soviet Union after their advance was stopped in Germany at Seelow Heights, including Months later when the Germans began to drop several Atom Bombs on Russian columns and forces throughout the whole country. Millions were lost in the Holocaust which gave the Germans the aide they need to Occupy the Soviet Union in the Uprising of 1946.

Second Battle Of Seelow Heights Edit

First Atom Bombs DroppedEdit

Germany's Second Invasion of Russia Edit

Destruction Of SmolenskEdit

4 Atom Bombs hit Strong holes around MoscowEdit

2 Destroy Russian Columns Near StalingradEdit

Russians Weaken Edit

Russia Backs down To Stop Holocaust Edit

Aftermath Edit

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