The Blitz
The Blitz
Date: November 9th, 2011 - November 18th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Regions: New England Northeast U.S.A.
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • New England Lost to Nazi Germany...
  • U.A.B.F retreat to Standford Heights...
  • Americans Shocked to see Nazi Germany Still Existing...
  • National Guard Severely Weakened...
Operation: Swordfish
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The Blitz also and clearly known as Operation Swordfish, was a 7 day Nazi Blitzkrieg of the American Northeast on November 9th, 2011, after the U.A.B.F Attack on November 8th in Germany.

During the course of the 3 day event of Operation Swordfish, the Blitz was best known to smash most of the northeastern Seaboard of the United States, from November 9th, to November 11th, that would eventually expand in the days to come up until November 18th that same year.

Though the Blitzkrieg is still in effect in the Upstate New York regions, it was known by Hitler as a success in the fall of November 9th, costing the United States about 3 to 4 of their States during the early days of the war, in which would later result into all of New England becoming Occupied.

Though the Blitz's main operation Swordfish ended on November 11th, after the Initial Events of the New England Evacuation, and The fall of Boston, the Blitz event continued on for another 5 more days up until November 18th, following the Battle of Howe, Rhode Island.

Prelude Edit

Attack on KarEdit

German Attack On U.A.B.F Main Stronghold

German forces Advance through Main sending the U.A.B.F running Panic...

Main article: The Fall of Kar

On the 9th, of November 2011 a day after the Attack In Rhinemaken, Germany and the Third Reich's official lock down of the entire country.

The United Alliance of Brenda's Fans were enjoying a nice relaxing rest in their hang out while listening to Kate Bush's Love And Anger song, They were located In the Carol Mountains In western Main in the small Russian American town of Kar, just 20 Miles from the border of New Hampshire.

Their peaceful relaxation is later interrupted by an attacking Nazi Invasion that apparently busted into the Manor shooting the whole place up. As the terrified ran they began to flee there homes along with their parents, radios, and collections of their Brenda Kylie fan materials.

Hours later, a large number of German forces arrived in the town and began to shoot anyone who was in there path. A tank later arrived as well also making the panic become even more out of control.

Some of the U.A.B.F died trying to stop the German Advance, mostly from rifles that they bought online, or ones that their grandparents used to use since WWII.

A Half Track soon arrived and began to drop off more German reinforcements, the U.A.B.F now knowing that Kar is lost began to flee into the Jord Fields that was located to the South West, about 4 miles away.

The Fall of Kar, sent the surviving U.A.B.F forces fleeing into the Jord fields where they began to use the terrain to conduct attacks against the advancing Germans hopping to stall them long enough so that the remaining U.A.B.F can get away.

The U.A.B.F managed to repel at least 4 German infantry attacks, the news also went on about a World War II Ree actment that came under fire from German forces which gave away and sent the much of the region into a state of panic and shock.

The U.A.B.F forces continued to fight Infantry in the fields but were starting to weaken when tanks and half tracks later arrived along with Germans attacking from the South. After a crushing counter attack the U.A.B.F abandoned their positions in the Jord fields. The Germans surging forward nonstop was about to smash the final remainments of the U.A.B.F Michigan forces, trapping them between the river to the West, and the attacking Germans to the East and South.

The U.A.B.F set up a desperate defense in the region. Though heavily outnumbered they stood their ground in hopes of preventing the Germans from breaking through their lines and smash the evac site that was just 2 miles away Finally the U.A.B.F managed to snatch anything that was able to float and began to order the defenders to return to the Evac site by Cell phone.

Before returning the U.A.B.F began to burn trees cut down barricades and dig up the land forcing German armor to stop for a time being, but wasn't enough to stop the infantry and air attacks from above.

Finally they gathered the last of their forces and the U.A.B.F crossed the river into Upstate New York while also receiving heavy fire from Ju-87's and fighters from above. After crossing the river they headed west where they retreated to Horace Head Quarters where, Standford Heights where the U.A.B.F field head quarters was known to be located in.

Fall of The Coast (Operation Swordfish) Edit

November 9th, to November 10thEdit

After the National Guards forces were engaged with the SS In the North, the SS Initiated their main trap, Operation Swordfish, known to Hitler as Blitzkrieg America. The German Luftwaffe managed to take off from German Aircraft Carriers (That were constructed some time in 2005), off the coast and launched a huge air invasion of New England reducing 50% of the coastal cities, including Boston, Atlantic City, Teaneck, and New York, into a State of solid ruble.

While the Air strikes were keeping the coast line distracted the Germans launched a full scale Amphibious Invasion on the coastlines, 12 Vehicles landed In Main, 14 landed in New Jersey, 7 landed in Long Island, another 4 landed in Atlantic City. Within minutes the beach heads fell without a single shot being fired. Civilians close to the shore, evacuated in a state of panic, while the German Invaders entered the cities clearing them out one block at a time, until they got to the action.

The National Guard units now concerned turned toward the coast, but soon were butchered and trapped between the Germans to the East, and Invading German forces to the South. With rarely anymore reserves, the U.S. National guard retreated into the Upstate region of New York, but were hit by the German North Army from the North. The attack cost the United States National guard many lives, also leading to the destruction of one of their their head quarters in Reese New Jersey. The weakening National guards men allowed 2 of the United Sates most industrial states, to become Occupied by the Nazi Invasion including another 3, that was finished off 2 hours later on 8:19Pm, during the fall of November 9th.

Fall of MainEdit

Occupation of ManhattanEdit

Main article: Fall of Manhattan

Manhattan was known to be a real tough nut to crack to the SS Invasion. The cities tight streets made it hard to maneuver around with cars, and city ruins blocking the roads. Germans managed to attack and occupy old town all the way to Union Square, they even sent a large force into New Jersey across the Hudson, and from across the Bridge, to aide the German Invasion of New Jersey that was taking a turn down from Mafia, and U.A.B.F.

The Germans was later stalled by National Guards men at mid town, who managed to beat back several
SS In the Bronx

Nazi Forces In the Bronx, April 2nd, 2012, 5 months following the Blitz...

of their attacks in the last 4 hours, since the fall of the Bronx. The Germans fell back to Union Square, where they were ordered by Buford, to hold their position until the tanks could get ashore and assist them in the Invasion.

The National Guard seeing a chance to strike armed their bayonets on both their M16 rifles, and M1 grand rifles and launched a deadly charged into the German side of the city. Despite the heavy casualties from MG.34 fire, the National guards men managed to hammer their way into the Germans attacking them with all of their power and will.

The National Guard began to gain the upper hand at first pushing the Germans back several blocks giving them time to set up fortifications in the ruins of the cities skyscrapers. At around 7:28Pm, the Germans counter attacked and attempted to reclaim the square. They were beaten back several times from the National Guards forces who were well intrenched in the ruble of the city. At around 7:34 the Tigers were finally ashore and managed to shell the National guard entrenchments allowing the Germans to over run the defenders and occupy the square, sending the National Guard retreating to Central Park, which would fall hours later, leading to the whole city, at around 11:39Pm.

Manhattan was the final portion of New England to come Under Nazi Occupation on November 10th. After the Island's fall About 99% Of New England had fallen under Nazi control leaving only Boston the last independent city in New England's coastline, which would fall a day after on November 11th.

Fall of New JerseyEdit

New Jersey was the 2nd, State to Fall under Nazi Occupation, but was also known to be the first state too be Invaded, by Nazi Germany beginining at Teaneck New Jersey. It was known as well as a second Manhattan, only with bigger and more vast terrain. The state was crawling with Mobs, Gangsters, U.A.B.F, and many World War II Veterans who were willing to fight for their safety of their home state. The State of New Jersey was known to be hit the hardest when it came to the air raids, and mirly 89% Of cites and towns around the state have been shelled to the ground.

New Jersey was known to have Mafia mobs and a couple of U.A.B.F forces in the State, that were attempting to fight off the Nazi Invaders. Despite much of their heroic efforts the Mobs of the State Of New Jersey were exterminated, by Germans leaving the U.A.B.F garrison in that region to fend for themselves. After the fall of Manhattan the SS crossed the Hudson on both landing craft, and the George Washington Bridge, entering Teanek New Jersey and taking over the city with resistance from Gangs and Italian Mobsters. The Germans proved to be more superior against the Mobsters and easily overran their positions, even going as far as to Invading their own bars, homes, and places where they chill out. The fall of Teanek New Jersey opened up the road to the rest of New Jersey which fell 3 hours later, surrounding the small U.A.B.F Garrison in the state, with no way of escaping the land.

New Jersey was also known to be the first major Region, of the United Nazi War Video Game, showing the Player on their way back from Antlantic City to Teaneck, to get to Manhattan Island. From their the Player roams through the ruins of Teaneck until he reaches a boat and crosses over to Manhattan.

November 10th, to November 11thEdit

Boston Theater & Conclusion of SwordfishEdit

Main article: The Fall of Boston
Main article: The New England Evacuation

With the last line In Weston, now smashed along with the total annhilation of the 98th, Maryland Platoon, the Germans entered Boston, only too face more heavy resistance from the National Guard 23rd, Massacuhssetts Battalion. As the war escalated within the ruins of the city, Panic now reached the point of insanity. As fighting in the city escalated, the German Luftwaffe began too coniusly attack the harbor preventing more and more jets from leaving the ground, and ships from casting off.

Panic soon became out of hand that many citizens began too construct rafts from the destroyed piers and rowing out of the harbor.

By 6:56 Am, the Germans controlled 89% Of Boston bringing the war ever closer, too the Harbor, the 83rd, used everything they had in the defense of the city, even going as far as too using baseball bats, Nail Guns, and chairs as weapons in order too stop the German advance, at around 7:57, the Germans broke through the National Guards last line of the defense and breached the Barricade surrounding the Harbor.

With the ships still delayed due too panic and over population, harbor master than ordered the fleet of refugee ships too escape the harbor, as the Germans rolled into the harbor, they began too open fire on the rafts that were pourly designed by the Americans, as other German legions attempted too board the refugee ships resulting into a fire fight aboard the vessels.

However many of the platoons were repelled and stopped with M60, and M628 Machine gun emplacements on the railings. The order was done and the fleet of over 899 vessels slowly began too depart the docks safe from the ground Infantry, but became vulnerable too the Luftwaffe in the sky, and Panzer tanks firing from the harbor.

On the fall of November 10th 2011 during the late evening, immediately after Nazi Germany had conquered New York City, as well as about 91% Of New England. a large number of refugees attempted to escape by sea from Uris Harbor on the coast Of Northern Boston. Included in the rag-tag fleet of ships was Yachts Container ships, Cruise Ship,s and even Tankers, who tried in succeeding to get the Refugees out of New England's onslaught.

In the morning of November 11th, at around 8:02Am, As the Nazi Advance began to close in on The entire coast, panic began to go insane with people trampling one another with German aircraft bombing the entire city of Boston reducing it into a large state of shattering ruble. Americans even went as far as building rafts from debris and paddling out of the harbor. As the United States National guard began to lose their ground about 13 miles away and the sounds of the war reaches Boston, the fleet of ships began to pull out of the harbor as fast as their engines can go.

By 8:49Am Three Nazi Battleships then surprised the fleeing vessels by approaching them from the sea.

HMS New Hood — a newly constructed armed Replica of the HMS Hood that went down in 1941 had arrived from the England radioing the Fleeing ships that The Royal Navy had arrived, but could not proceed any closer to the coast due to U-Boats controlling & patroling the water ways around New England.

The Royal navy attempted to enter the harbor at first, but were repelled about 20 miles away by both U-Boats, and Air attacks. Their fleet consisted of at least 5 Cruisers, and about 2 Destroyers, while attempting too enter the harbor the Royal navy lost 1 Destroyer and 2 Cruisers in the process, causing them too halt there advance from approaching the Coastline.

However around 8:52Am, a ship managed to break through the German occupied water ways, and enter the harbor. It was known as the HMS New Hood, that was stated already above. Despite being outnumbered by both air, land, and ocean based threats, she raced to engage them but without firing, trying to maintain the element of surprise. In addition, the crowded and turbulent mass of refugee shipping stretched as far as Veir Harbor all the way to South Boston, giving the Germans more and more targets to destroy from above.

The Nazi's, whom were unfamiliar with British war ship, at first responded to New Hood's charge with only warning shots from the turrets of their Battleships, which was ineffective. After seeing the ship's continued advance, the Nazi's deployed their turrets on the New Hood, inflicting a great amount of damage. She was, however, able to fire a shot into one of the Battleship ammunition cartridges in one of the Turrets blowing one of them to smithereens. She than was able to move passed quickly using the smoke from the SS Battleship as an advantage and managed to destroy the second Battleship by taking out the bridge causing her steer off course and crash, right into pier, than grounding onto the street.

By 9:13Am, The Nazi's than began to pull air attacks from the civilian ships and began to focus their fire on the New Hood, giving the Refugees a chance to slip away, but their fleet was blocked a second time by the third Battleship. Despite the air attacks, the New Hood advanced toward the third Battle ship and managed to destroy it by opening fire and striking another ammo Dump on the 4th Turret blowing the ship in half. With the water clear the Refugees moved on and headed for the sea where the Royal Navy was waiting, with Submarine countermeasure boats that they were using to prevent the U-Boats from sinking the civilian ships.

Despite being In sinking condition the crew above the New Hood Cheered realizing that the American Refugees have reached safety, but their cheers granted to a halt when a shell struck the stern of the New Hood sending out a large quality of smoke. The Refugees witnessed the attack and saw that a much larger Battleship had just appeared from the Horizon and entered the Harbor. The vessel was new too the refugees but to the World War II Veterans who fought in the batte of the Atlantic knew what it was. It was known clearly as the Bismarck, advancing on the New Hood's six.

With steering and propulsion still functional, New Hood turned toward the sea, in an attempt to lead the Bismarck out into the open for the Royal Navy to sink her. However the Bismarck was able to shoot the New Hood's rear stern again causin the ship to give away and lose control. Whithin hours the Bismarck fired one more shell and shot found her. The resulting explosion of her boilers and ammunition magazines destroyed the New Hood allowing it to suffer the same fate as her older counter part Hood in 1941. Before the explosion and the sinking the surviving sailors of the New Hood managed to plow It's final movements into A Nazi Destroyer that has just showed up in the harbor, attempting to sink one of the Refuge ships, but the New Hood's last crash course responded to this by ramming Itself into the ships center. After hitting the Nazi Destroyer, the fire gave way, and the New Hood was annihilated.

Inland Expansions & Fall of New EnglandEdit

November 11th, to November 18thEdit

Post SwordfishEdit

Western ExpansionsEdit

Northern ExpansionsEdit

Rhode Island CampaignEdit
Fall of HoweEdit

End of the BlitzEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Blitz was the first major Decisive Action Engagement to ever plague American Soil, forever changing the course of America never being Invaded by a Foreign Power...
    • In Reality, the United States has never been invaded by a foriegn power except for the War of 1812, when the British Empire landed in the United States as a form of punishment to the burning of York in 1813...
  • The Blitz was first Initiated on November 9th, following the Fall of Kar, representing that Kar was nothing more than a Mir Diversion in order to gather a large force of American soldiers into New England so they could be crushed by the Blitz Invasion...
  • During the New England Evacuation on November 11th, many Americans and British citizens who witnessed the event on the News stated that it was a 21st Century reliving of Dunkirk...
  • Though accounted as a German Victory, The Blitz alone cost Nazi Germany about 3,000,000 of their soldiers during the 3 day Campaign, the cause of this was from 21st Century technology that the United States possessed...
    • The United States Armies Casualties rate was also server as they had lost a large stock of equipment and a large portion of factories and the countries most richest states, the Americans lost about 400,124 soldiers and another 878,999 to German kill squads following the end of the Blitz on November 11th...
  • The Blitz is shown to be a playable Campaign on multiple UNW Related based games that were scheduled by 2091riveraisrael...
  • The Blitz plays the main 3 Acts in the United Nazi War Video Game, beginning in Teaneck, and ending in Central Park, New York City...
  • Though the American military was defending New England with 21st Century weaponry and vehicles, the Germans were mostly surprised on the site of the M1 Abram Tanks, and Helicopter Gunships, but Nazi Germany never fully became interested in 21st Century technology until after The Battle of Cartel Hill on November 13th of the same year in 2011...