Battle of Chicago
Battle of Chicago
Date: November 10th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Chicago, Illinois
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • German Air Raid Repulsed 15 hours after It's Start...
  • 69% of downtown Chicago In ruins...
  • 71% of the Docks destroyed...
  • U-505 Escapes the harbor unscate...
Operation: Unknown


The Battle of Chicago, mostly known to the people of Chicago as the Bombing of Chicago was a major Nazi Aerial Assault during The Blitz, when large amounts of German Planes (Mostly composed of about 13 Dive Bombers, 20 Fighters, 56 He 111 Heavy bombers, 13 Jet Fighters, and 34 Ju-88 Medium Bombers) slipped passed Michigan, and launched a large Aerial Attack on the City of Chicago.

U-505, a museum ship that was present at the time of the attack managed to escape without that much damage inflected, the Luftwaffe attacks on the city were eventually driven away when the United States Inland Army, responded with Fighter Jets.

In the aftermath of the Bombing a grand total of about 69% of the downtown area had been reduced to ruble along with another 71% of the Chicago Docks along the coast of the entire city. The Bombing of Chicago was placed in History books in the aftermath of the United Nazi War, and was described to be Pearl Harbor all over again.

The Bombing of Chicago was the only attack on the City of Chicago conducted by Nazi Germany, during The Blitz, no other Aerial attack or Ground Invasion, was conducted against Chicago throughout the remainder of the United Nazi War.

Prior to the Attack Edit

The Blitz Day 2Edit

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Nazi Occupation of Karlson Air force BaseEdit

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News Reaches ChicagoEdit

A Disguised Attack PlanEdit

The Attack Edit

First WaveEdit

Bombings of Planned TargetsEdit

Aerial Attacks in Chicago Metropolitan AreaEdit

Second WaveEdit

Attack On Chicago SuburbsEdit

Destruction of the Industry PlantsEdit

Third WaveEdit

Harbor bombingsEdit

Fourth WaveEdit

Metropolitan BombingsEdit

The City Mop UpEdit

U-505's Launch & EscapeEdit

Before the initial attack, by the Nazi Luftwaffe, U-505, a Nazi Su8bmarine that had been captured by the United States in 1944, was set to launch in Chicago harbor in order to help most of the Inland military engaged in New England holding back the Nazi Invasion, by Mid November 10th (The second day of The Blitz) U-505 was moved with the help of Helicopter, and land traction and was moved towards Lake Michigan's shorlines where she was hoisted by giant indor Cranes while in a large hanger, and was ready for launch, but by the time U-505 could be brought in the water The Luftwaffe attacked Chicago without warning, bombing many of the Naval yards and preventing any surviving U.S. Navy ships from launching a counter attack.

The fighting expanded soon throughout the entire harbor setting it on fire as well as much of the city, with civilians running for near by shelters in order too avoid Payloads from the He-111's and Ju-88's. A crew of about 15 Men, boarded her while she was still hoisted in the air 2 of these men being German Immigrants that had just arrived in the country 2 years ago.

Due too the heavy bombings outside the Hanger the ramp and ships landing platers were destroyed by the roof above leaving nothing left but water below. Eventually the chains holding the Submarine up were cut by a couple of shots by Ju-87 dive bombers as she fell into the water below. Moments after U-505 splashed hard in the water, the Americans at first feared that her engine might not work anymore due too it not being operated for 65 years, but the bombings out side made the Americans risk it and after 30 minutes of trying to get the Engines too work, along with the 2 Germans aiding them in what control dose what, they finally at last prevailed, and U-505 escaped the harbor, by submerging into the depths of lake Michigan, where it slipped passed around Michigan at full speed, and planned on heading over too aide New England in it's defense. just 13 minutes after U-505's departure, Chicago was free from the Aerial Invasion, when United States Inland Airforce jets arrived from St Roh Airforce base in Southern Illinois to help turn back the Luftwaffe away from the city.

Reinforcements arriveEdit

Inland Air force ArrivesEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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