The Battle of Boston
The Fall of Boston
Date: November 10th, 2011 - November 11th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Boston, Massachusetts
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Nazi Germany conquer New England...
  • Refugees escape...
  • Establishment of the Nazi Occupational Zone...
  • New Hood, and 98th Platoon annihilated...
  • England claims American Refugees...
Operation: Swordfish


The Fall of Boston, known too most Americans as The Weston Contingincy was the final major engagement and the final major objective of Operation Swordfish during the Blitz. Beginning from the final hours of November 10th, 2011, too the early hours of November 11th, 2011.

The events led too the sacrifice of of an entire U.S. Military platoon outside the city, along with a Royal Navy Ship in the harbor.

Both sacrifices were maintained too protect the American Refugees until they escaped New England

The fall of Boston brought about the end too Independence in New England and the beginning of Nazi Occupation.


Following the immediate fall of New York City, much of the American people who reside in New England, fled too Massachusetts the last major stronghold of American freedom in New England.

In the early hours resulting into November 11th, Nazi Germany launched multiple attacks against Massachusetts resulting into the destruction of the Boarder Line, by 11:55 Pm.

After breaking thought the boarder line, Civilian panic began too escalate. Realizing that New England was lost, many of em began too flee into the docks of Boston Harbor attempting too escape the country by sea, while others attempted too escape by air.

By 12:00 Mid Night, Nazi Germany sent multiple bombers, both JU-88, and JU -87 Classes into distrupting the refugee's evacuation. Due too the bombers many airports had too black out, among the entire city, but fighters that were patroling the U.S.

Skies over Boston immediately shot down any Jet Airliners that attempted too take off. Despite the black outs, the Jet airliners were able too reveal themselves by there wing lights and landing gears Ju-88's than bombed the rail ways about 2 miles outside Boston preventing any refugees from escaping by rail, while another portion pounded the air ports.

By 12:34 PM Much of boston's black out was changed into a fiery inferno, resulting into refugees becoming vulnerable too air attacks.

A CNN News Chopper while attempting too film the sight of Boston's destruction was shot down by BF-109's that were orbiting the harbor, and several boats that were bein constructed in a rush were immediately targeted in order too prevent any further escape from New England.

At around 12:55, the Air attacks eventually halted for a time being, allowing the fleet of bombers and fighter too land at Bakura Air Port, for refueling and reloading.

The Weston ContingencyEdit

Following the German air attacks on Boston, the United States placed the 98th, Maryland Platoon, on the defense of the Boston Country side while another group of United States forces were engaged with the German Invasion at Old Connecticut Path. By 1:23 the defenses at Old Connecticut have been breached and the SS began advancing into Weston.

These major events in which led too the Battle of Weston would later be known by all Americans as The Weston Contingency. By 1:55 Am the Germans arrived at Weston and launched an un provoked attack against the 98th, but were repelled due too 21st Century technology, leaving the Germans surprised. A second attack occured this time with Air Support, and the 98th, were eventually driven back too High Way 95, where a much larger force of the 98th, were waiting with fortifications and man made pill boxes, along side M1 Abram tanks that were watin. The Germans were once again forced too turn around after reaching Highway 98. They were however were not surprised on the Abram's appearence mostly cause they encounted on In Kar about 2 days ago. Nazi Germany in the region were beaten back 2 times, but were still at large another fresh group of Nazi forces showing up from Hampshire, Connecticut, and other Massachusetts cities in the region. By 2:32 Am the Germans were now at all sides of Boston, but decided too concentrate on Weston than invade the City.

The 98th however had plans of there own and send many scouts ahead into German territory where they later learn of the growoing German army, but are unable too attack due too the Refugee's trying too get out of New England. Realizing they were now outnumbered and out gunned, the 98th, decided too fight until the death as they turned too see a group of about 2,000 more refugee' many of them without cars enter the city of Boston from right behind there lines.

The Weston SacrificeEdit

By 2:44 Am, the Germans renewed there Attack on Highway 95, this time with more tank support than Infantry. Artillery pounded the Highway, from the high grounds, as the tanks maneuvered through the woods below, German infantry remained close too the Tanks, as they formed a large line formation in an attempt too enclose the American positions along the Highway. Bombers this time Heavy class He-111 & Ju-88 bombers attacked many positions along the highway despite heavy American A.A. Entrenchment's. The Bombers unfortunately too the Americans were nothin more than a distraction in an attempt too allow the ground attack too move in through the woods while using the darkness too screen there movements.

Without warning shots erupted from the Forests, setting much of the encampments into a blaze. The Americans continued too fight on for strategic control of the Highway, but were eventually overrun. The 98th platoon, than decided too redeploy there forces just along the hill at Glare county, while on the way tanks and APC's continued too hold back the Germans while infantry set fire too the woods, in hopes that it would slow down the Nazi's until they can reach the hill.

Upon the hill top of Glare, the 98th, ordered the refugee's too move at a much quicker pace warning them that the Germans were coming. Panic spreaded for the worst and the refugee's began too rush on foot in the thousands into the city of Boston which now only lies 5 miles away. By 3:14 Am, German infantry., eventually found another way passed the burning tree line, while there tanks continued through the blaze knocking over several trees in the process. A Massive engagement broke out in the hill that lasted from 3:18Am - 5:09 Am Eventually, the men of 98th Soon began too run out of ammunition and later switched too hand to hand combat.

Many of the refugee's who witnessed the battle, rushed on too get into the city, for the Germans were breaking through. After 5:23 Am, German Panzers emerged from the North, along with 3 other Panzer divisions comin from the West, and South. The Men of the 98th, still refused too back down and even went as far as too calling Helicopter gunships too starve off the German forces. At around 5:45, the 98th, men launched there one last charge and were obliterated by the Nazi War Machine, but the Refugee's managed too enter the city safely despite some losses from German Air attacks, Half Tracks, tanks and Infantry.

Battle of BostonEdit

With the last line In Weston, now smashed along with the total annhilation of the 98th, Maryland Platoon, the Germans entered Boston, only too face more heavy resistance from the Inland Armies 23rd, Massacuhssetts Battalion.

As the war escalated within the ruins of the city, Panic now reached the point of insanity.

As fighting in the city escalated, the German Luftwaffe began too coniusly attack the harbor preventing more and more jets from leaving the ground, and ships from casting off.

Panic soon became out of hand that many citizens began too construct rafts from the destroyed piers and rowing out of the harbor.

By 6:56 Am, the Germans controlled 89% of Boston bringing the war ever closer, too the Harbor, the 83rd, used everything they had in the defense of the city, even going as far as too using baseball bats, Nail Guns, and chairs as weapons in order too stop the German advance, at around 7:57, the Germans broke through the National Guards last line of the defense and breached the Barricade surrounding the Harbor.

With the ships still delayed due too panic and over population, harbor master than ordered the fleet of refugee ships too escape the harbor, as the Germans rolled into the harbor, they began too open fire on the rafts that were pourly designed by the Americans, as other German legions attempted too board the refugee ships resulting into a fire fight aboard the vessels.

However many of the platoons were repelled and stopped with M60, and M628 Machine gun emplacements on the railings.

The order was done and the fleet of over 899 vessels slowly began too depart the docks safe from the ground Infantry, but became vulnerable too the Luftwaffe in the sky, and Panzer tanks firing from the harbor.

New England EvacuationEdit

Battle of Uris HarborEdit

By 8:49Am Three Nazi Battleships then surprised the fleeing vessels by approaching them from the sea.

HMS New Hood — a newly constructed armed Replica of the HMS Hood that went down in 1941 had arrived from the England radioing the Fleeing ships that The Royal Navy had arrived, but could not proceed any closer to the coast due to U-Boats controlling & patroling the water ways around New England.

The Royal navy attempted to enter the harbor at first, but were repelled about 20 miles away by both U-Boats, and Air attacks.

Their fleet consisted of at least 5 Cruisers, and about 2 Destroyers, while attempting too enter the harbor the Royal navy lost 1 Destroyer and 2 Cruisers in the process, causing them too halt there advance from approaching the Coastline.

New England Evacuation

The Battle of Boston Harbor Resulted into the Destruction of the New Hood, and escape of American Refugees...

However around 8:52Am, a ship managed to break through the German occupied water ways, and enter the harbor.

It was known as the HMS New Hood, that was stated already above. Despite being outnumbered by both air, land, and ocean based threats, she raced to engage them but without firing, trying to maintain the element of surprise. In addition, the crowded and turbulent mass of refugee shipping stretched as far as Veir Harbor all the way to South Boston, giving the Germans more and more targets to destroy from above.

The Nazi's, whom were unfamiliar with British war ship, at first responded to New Hood's charge with only warning shots from the turrets of their Battleships, which was ineffective. After seeing the ship's continued advance, the Nazi's deployed their turrets on the New Hood, inflicting a great amount of damage. She was, however, able to fire a shot into one of the Battleship ammunition cartridges in one of the Turrets blowing one of them to smithereens. She than was able to move passed quickly using the smoke from the SS Battleship as an advantage and managed to destroy the second Battleship by taking out the bridge causing her steer off course and crash, right into pier, than grounding onto the street.

By 9:13Am, The Nazi's than began to pull air attacks from the civilian ships and began to focus their fire on the New Hood, giving the Refugees a chance to slip away, but their fleet was blocked a second time by the third Battleship. Despite the air attacks, the New Hood advanced toward the third Battle ship and managed to destroy it by opening fire and striking another ammo Dump on the 4th Turret blowing the ship in half. With the water clear the Refugees moved on and headed for the sea where the Royal Navy was waiting, with Submarine countermeasure boats that they were using to prevent the U-Boats from sinking the civilian ships.

Despite being In sinking condition the crew above the New Hood Cheered realizing that the American Refugees have reached safety, but their cheers granted to a halt when a shell struck the stern of the New Hood sending out a large quality of smoke. The Refugees witnessed the attack and saw that a much larger Battleship had just appeared from the Horizon and entered the Harbor. The vessel was new too the refugees but to the World War II Veterans who fought in the batte of the Atlantic knew what it was. It was known clearly as the Bismarck, advancing on the New Hood's six.

With steering and propulsion still functional, New Hood turned toward the sea, in an attempt to lead the Bismarck out into the open for the Royal Navy to sink her. However the Bismarck was able to shoot the New Hood's rear stern again causin the ship to give away and lose control. Whithin hours the Bismarck fired one more shell and shot found her. The resulting explosion of her boilers and ammunition magazines destroyed the New Hood allowing it to suffer the same fate as her older counter part Hood in 1941. Before the explosion and the sinking the surviving sailors of the New Hood managed to plow It's final movements into A Nazi Destroyer that has just showed up in the harbor, attempting to sink one of the Refuge ships, but the New Hood's last crash course responded to this by ramming Itself into the ships center. After hitting the Nazi Destroyer, the fire gave way, and the New Hood was annhilated.


The fall of Boston was the biggest blow to the United States, at the end of The Blitz on the Dawn of November 11th 2011. The Battle resulted into Nazi Germany conquering all of New England, from Main too New Jersey, and sending many national guard units into a much weaken state, as well as the mir destruction of over 89% of the United States Inland military.

The result of the battle was of high cost to both sides, with 3 legions of the National Guard lost, along with another 2 that sacrificed themselves in order too allow the Refugee's too enter Boston and escape the Harbor. The defeat at Boston, weakened the National Guard so much that they would never again be able liberate the occupied North East U.S. There budgets also became so low that they could no longer purchase 21st century guns and vehicles anymore, resulting into them having to break into World War II Museum's nation wide, and salvaging there old guns tanks, and jeeps, even going as far as too purchasing equipment from Military Fire a U.S. Military online Store that sells guns, equipment, and maps from past wars dating too as far as the American Civil War.

After the salvaging of World War II Equipment the surviving Legions of the National Guard forces still trapped In New England began a large fight in an attempt too escape into the Mid West, while also attempting too help survivng Refugee's who didn't make it outta of the harbor in time escape as well. By November 12th, the National Guard managed too escape New England and into Upstate New York the major War Zone, and only New England region standin in the way of them and the Michigan. However plans have changed as they later attempted too try and assist U.A.B.F troops in an operation too retake Tyrus while a major Battle was goin on at Cartel hill.

The attempt failed when the Germans returned from Cartel Hill, and crushed the uprising resulting into much of the U.A.B.F. and National Guard forces becoming P.O.W's. The rest of the National Guard units that no longer took part of the Operation continued too fight there way West, until they reached the Mid West on November 15th.


  • The Battle of Boston bared strong Resemblance too the Fall of Reach, due too sacifice and heart...
  • The New England Evacuation was similar too both the War of The Worlds Essex Evacuation, and Evacuation of Dunkirk...
  • The Fall of Boston was never forgotten, during the New England Occupation and even after the United Nazi War's end in 2017, a large memorial pagent was created during the Nazi Occupation, in early 2014...

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