The Ghost Soldier Remastered

The photo of The Ghost Soldier, shot by an Unidentified Nazi Photographer in 1943... This was the only shot of The Ghost Soldier...

The Ghost Soldier was known to be an unidentified American Soldier who died at an unknown date or time, Who lurked around Nazi Occupied Europe during World War II where he caused severe destruction too the Nazi War Machine 4 years prior to D-Day in 1944. Sightings of the Ghost Soldier have been seen throughout Europe, from France, too Poland, some even witnessed the ghost as far as the Soviet Union.

Witnesses of the sightings stated that the Soldier often arrived in heavily defended Nazi outposts where often after a couple of hours the post would be wiped out along with all guards and soldiers defending it. In 1943 an SS photographer managed to snap a shot of the Ghost Soldier sprinting through a field in Southern France, but was never seen again. The only thing that remained of the photographer was the single photo that he shot during the 89th Sighting of The Ghost Soldier.

The Ghost Soldier was known to be feared by all of Nazi Germany even Hitler himself, along with the rest of the Third Reich, the soldier would often appear without warning and slaughter many German forces, from one post to the next, and often disappeared into thin air after his work was accomplished. A surviving Wehrmacht guard witnessed his disappearance immediately after he slaughtered Camp Kp in Northern France, and has since than had haunting memories of the site.

Not much is known about the ghost, he has no name, he never speaks, and his origin of how or when he died and became a ghost, remains a unknown.