The Inertia Line Is a Line that separates Nazi Controlled New Jersey from Democratic Pennsylvania, during the United Nazi War.

The Line Also separates New England by sectors from Southern New Jersey, all the Way North Too Main where both Lines Meet at the Atlantic Ocean. The United States, mapped out the line revealing it also too be on the sea as well, but only in a different name. The Line on land Separating New England from the rest of the United States, is known by Americans as the Inertial Line, while the one on the Sea is known as the Aqua Line.

The Inertia Line consists of large Fortifications, in which prevents any American from either entering, or Leaving New England. The defenses compose of Bunkers, Dragons Teeth, Walls, fences, Pill Boxes, Tanks, Half Tracks, Large numbers of SS soldiers, and Kubblewagons, along with MG.42's and Artillery, also. Americans are only allowed too pass this line if Granted permission by German Soldiers, Any American who was caught leavin this line without permission was shot on spot.

Any American who wishes too pass also, would have too be in a 1940's Automobile from the Second World War Era, other wise that person would be arrested, but this was highly unlikely mostly due too the fact of All 21st Century Equipment beins stripped from New England following The Blitz. Followin the Fall of Regal in 2012, the Inertia Line was reinforced, with more defenses which would later proove too be impossible too either enter or escape Occupied New England.

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