The Iron Power
The Iron Power
Manufactured: 2023
Designer: Terrance Camora
Industry: Hill Residence
Range: 400-500 Yards,
Cartridge: Iron Shards
User: Terrance Camora
Type: Iron
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Iron Power


The Iron Power is an fully-automatic, magazine-fed rail-type weapon. As its metal projectiles are pulled between the rails they are superheated and elongated into the spikes that are its namesake. The Iron Power's ammunition is fed into the weapon via a small magazine with a 40-round capacity.

The magazine is located on the underside of the weapon, in front of the trigger. Much of the Iron is shown spouted at the back of the power once a new Magaizen is loaded into the weapon.

The Iron Power was started and created by Terrance Camora, and like Kara, and Jak Aversion, was inspired too Nolan Ross's Rapid Power.

Terrance decided too create a carbine that would shoot iron shards through any known solid material, and may also prove too become even more tougher than normal guns. Despite many acts of errors including injury Terrance finally managed too complete the Power in 2023, and would test the power endless ly in the range.

Despite such a successful test the Iron Power would no longer enter warfare until the Third Nero War in the very same year that the Power was created in the year 2023.


  • The Iron that was used as Ammunition for the Iron Power were mostly created by Terrance Camora himself, from several Alloyed materials that were made from Iron...
  • The Iron Power was the only known Power in Existence to ever fire Solid based Ammunition shards...
    • The Iron Power is also the only known Power in Existence that was created with a Magazine Cartridge for reloading Iron Shards into the rifle...
  • The Iron Power was the last Power to ever be constructed after the Magnetic Power's completion in the year 2023...
  • The Iron Power bares a strong resemblance to both the Needler, and Spiker of the Halo Series created by Bungie...
    • The Resemblance of the Iron Power which resembled the Spiker, is mostly shown as the Power fires multiple deadly shards of Iron at its target, and is also heated in order to cause extreme damage...
    • The Only known similarity that the Iron Power has compared to the Needler, is that Iron shards are shown at the top of the back of the rifle, in which some portions of Ammunition are fed from the top of the rifle too, and not just from the Magazine, the rate of the Iron Power's firing is also of the same Speed as the Needler...
  • The Iron Power was known to show weakness around Aquadic passed environments in which the rifle would often jam or would be forced to be cleaned out if too much water consumes the rifle, it was from this flaw that it was reveled that the Iron Power was the first power in history to have a Weakness in its Designs...

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