The Liberal Massacre
The Liberal Massacre
Date: November 29th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Liberal Town North Michigan
Status: 2091K. Victory...
Operation: Valor


The Liberal Massacre known by Nazi Germany as The Liberal Attack, Was a surprise and coordinated attack by Kara Leina in the streets of Liberal Town in the Evening of November 29th, 2011 in an act of revenge for the deaths at Vara Grove.

The attack ended with success leaving a sum total of about 230 Nazi's dead, and about 900 wounded, though the Germans still occupied the entire City of Liberal in the aftermath of the Massacre, the Germans would soon come up with a surprise attack by the United States Military's 2 divisions sent from Afghanistan in order to retake North Michigan and New England from Nazi Germany.

The Liberal Massacre, unknown to both factions would be the main openeing engagement to Operation G Valor in the morning of November 30th, 2011.

Prior To the Attack Edit

After Vara GroveEdit

The Attack on Vara Grove, hours earlier would later spark Anger into Kara Leina.

Now moaning over the death of her father Carl Larson, and the Dis Fragmentation of the United Alliance, she immediately called for Vengeance against Nazi Germany.

Nolan Ross eventually arrived back at Gale Town, with the surviving Echo Park, and was greeted warmly by his little sister, who as well slapped his face in the process for pulling such a stunt back at the Grand Mountains.


German Invasion Edit

The Ambush at United SquareEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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