The Magnetic Power
The Magnetic Power
Manufactured: 2023
Designer: Jak Aversion
Industry: Aversion Residence
Range: 93-100 Yards,
Cartridge: Batteries
Type: Magentic/Energetic
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Magnetic Power


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  • 2091riveraisrael's design on the Magnetic Power for the Alternate History, was based on the Spas Shotgun, and Nerf Long Shot Rifle, without the sniper attachments...
  • The Idea of the Magnetic Power was thought by Jak Aversion in order to represent his strength and mobility, which explains on why Jak Aversion created the Power out of Magnetic based designs...
  • The Magnetic Power was inspired by the Rapid Power, as it shared similar details only it was known to Operate as Magnetic and not Electrical Surges or currents...
  • Though the Magnetic Power had a special type of Purple colored Laser Stream of fire that allows the Power to lift or toss anything metallic, the Power's main armament is that of a Shotgun based Weapon, hinting that the Magnetic Power is a Shotgun type Power, only with a built in Magnetic field System under the main Nozzel...
  • Like the Rapid Power, the Magnetic Power is also computerized, revealing that the Magnetic Power and Rapid Power may be Identical Powers, this theory however was never proven, not even by Jak Aversion...

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