The Nataka Attack
Date: October 25th, 2014
Region: 14 miles east of Nataka, New Hampshire
Status: Unknown Victory...
  • German prisoners freed...
  • All Nazi Presence killed...
  • Unknown Attackers never seen again...
Creator:  2091riveraisrael

The Nataka Attack was a well coordinated attack conducted by an unknown faction, of American Japanese Haitian, and Caucasian Americans, conducted on Nazi Forces in an attempt to free Jewish Americans and other Americans that are held hostage by the Nazi's whom are forced to walk about the Highway without any means of Transportation while the guards would often push them harder and harder to keep moving, on the road to Nataka New Hampshire in Occupied New England.

The Transfer of Civilians Edit

Rough timesEdit

The AttackEdit

A Harsh MarchEdit

Unknown AttackersEdit

Aftermath Edit

Identity of The AttackersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Nataka attack was a Parody to the Attack of Natakia, in which suffered a familiar on the Last Year of Occupied Territory...
  • The Nataka Attack was a large Parody of the of The Galactic War in the year 2208...

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