The Great Tokyo Raid
The Tokyo Raid
Date: January 1st, 2013
Conflict: United Nazi War

First Ones

Second Ones

Region: Tokyo, Japan
Status: U.S/Japanese Victory...
  • Nazi Germany breaks Connections With Japan...
  • Future Alliance with Japan averted...
  • Nazi German Siezs Operations In the Pacific...


The Tokyo Raid, mostly known to the Japanese people as The Battle of Tokyo. Was a short engagment in the United Nazi War, in the opening of 2013, It was known as an attempt to get Japan to ally with Nazi Germany once again, like they had in the Second World War.

The Negotians fail, and the SS Are thrown out of Tokyo by force by Both U.S And Japanese forces combined. The Tokyo Raid would be known as the Shortest Battle in the Entire United Nazi War. It would also be the only Battle that would take place In Japan.

Prelude Edit

Battle Edit

Negotiations FailEdit

The First SkirmishesEdit

Arrival of The JSDFEdit

Nazi WithdrawEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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