Third Battle of Tyrus
The Third Battle of Tyrus 2
Date: July 20th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Tyrus, Upstate New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • A Major Turning Point In the History of Warfare
  • United States Military Scattered all over Upstate New York
  • Nazi Germany reclaims about 40,000 Square Miles around Tyrus...
Operation: Rheinborugh


The Third Battle of Tyrus was known as the most Grievous Fight In the United Nazi War. The Germans after gaining a huge advantage In Europe, occupying the Countries of Netherlands, Italy, and Half of France In Mid 2012, were able to send more forces into Occupied New England. On July 20th, 2012. Nazi Germany counter attacked the United States Military and re occupied Tyrus bringing about the first major Nazi Victory against 21st Century technology.

The United States military's withdraw plans from Afghanistan granted to a halt when Nazi Germany attacked and Encircled the United Nations In the Region blocking any point of exit for the UN forces to reach their homelands, leaving them open and defenseless to Nazi Invasion.

It would be because of the Encirclement in Afghanistan on how Nazi Germany was able to triumph over the other nations world wide, without much of a challenge.

Prelude Edit

Battle Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Third battle of Tyrus, was the first major Nazi Victory against The United States Military in the U.N.W...
  • After their victory the Nazi's managed to reclaim about 40% of the lands around the Tyrus, marking it the most humiliating day In American History...
  • The conclusion of the Tyrus brought about the reformation of the Inertia Line, this time spreading it all the way to Cartel Hill about 2 miles from the Canadian Border, while another portion of it Ventures around Carcus Town, up to Lake Ontario, connecting to the City of Jada, which fell a month later in August...

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