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Tyrus also known as The Inland City, was a fictional city located in the center of Upstate New York. The town was known to be the highest population of all Jewish immigrants in the United States.

The city was attacked and fell under Nazi Occupation on November 12th, of 2011, in which at the time before it's fall forced about 89-98% of the Jewish populations to evacuate Upstate New York into either Canada, or the Midwest.

After the United Nazi War had ended Tyrus was reconstructed by 2028 and was repopulated by the Jewish Immigrants that had just fled the city 13 years ago.

History Edit


The city of Tyrus was founded in 1765, by English settlers who were expanding there territory during America's colonial years. King George, decided to name the city at the time New Essex, in which would be the towns name until the end of the American Revolution in 1781. After gaining independence the newly founded United States renamed New Essex into it's original name, and the town began to grow bigger and bigger throughout the rest of both the 18th, and 19th, centuries.

Modern EraEdit

In 1945 after the Second World War's end in the European theater, many of the Holocaust survivors, including Ellie Wiesel himself immigrated to the United States, and moved into Tyrus, thinking of the city alot more like home.

Tyrus's construction finally reached completions in 1967 allowing the city too expand from 500-1,200 acres. Due too the cities European looking style, many European tourist would either show up too vacation, or move into the city. By 1973 Tyru's populations expanded to about 20% more than it did in 1962.

However though large portions of Europeans, Americans, Asians, and Hatians, populate Tyrus, it was later discovered that more Jewish races populate the town due too the events of 1945, during the great Jewish Immigration into the United States. About a some total of about 800-900,000 Jewish families live in Tyrus which would later in 1982 be known as the United State' most largest Jewish populated resort.

The Jewish population however reached into a state of panic on November 10th 2011, when they later discovered Nazi Germany the country that had been taunting there race for the past 66 years, were still around in existance, and were now roaming freely in the United States.

Many Jewish families kept a close eye on the news, but their fears were than realized. Nazi Germany had triumphed over the United States Inland forces and took over all of New England in just 3 days. The war was than expanded into Upstate New York where Tyrus would later become Occupied on November 12th. Before the cities downfall Tyrus had already began It's Evacuation, many of them that led the evac were Holocaust survivors who refused to relive Nazi aggression again like they did 66 years ago.

Many non Jewish races such as Asians, and Hatians, were unable to make it out of the City in time due to Nazi Germany's quick arrival on the suburbs in which would force the remaining citizens of Tyrus to go into hiding from the Nazi Occupiers, while others staged resistance against the German occupiers.

Nazi Occupied Tyrus

German Pill Box at Rosca Ave, located on the banks of the Eureaka River, on the Western side of Tyrus...

The City of Tyrus came under Nazi Occupation on November 12th, where it was later transformed into a large field HQ for Upstate New York. The city was than liberated on December 13th, of 2011, following a surprise return of United States outside military units, that arrived in the country from Afghanistan, but was recaptured on July 20th of 2012 after a crushing Nazi Counter attack against Upstate New York with an army of over 19,000,000,000 Strong. 

Since Tyru's third Fall the city remained under Nazi Rule until 2016. Tyrus since than after it's reoccupation in 2012 was than given a change of plans and was instead created by Nazi Germany as the Capital of Hiyarm, (Nazi Occupied New England).

It wasn't until August 13th, 2015 that the city was finally liberated, breaking the Nazi occupation once and for all. After the United Nazi War, Tyrus was reconstructed and repopulated, and has since than remained the crown resort for the Jewish populations residing in North America.

Trivia Edit

  • Tyrus is known as the Inland City, to most New England, and New Yorker Americans, mostly due to It's Location being in the Center of Upstate New York...
  • During the United Nazi War, Tyrus, was known as the only city to contain the most Battles in the entire American Theater of the war, It mostly consisted of 4 Battles in total...
  • The City during the Nazi Occupation of New England, was known to be the main Capital of Hiyarm, (German Occupied New England)...
  • Tyrus contains the largest Jewish Population in the United States...
  • Tyrus would be one of the Main Seven Cities in New England, where Nazi Germany would learn more about 21st Century Equipment, from either the locals, Advertisements, or Televisions...
  • The Reich News Channel, which plagued the New England states, with Nazi Propaganda and News casts, was officially broadcasted and financed by Nazi Germany from Tyrus...
  • Tyrus, had a large Quality of Labor Camps, in both the Suburbs, and Downtown area, where Americans abducted by the Germans were sent...

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