U-505 Undersea also known as U-505 Submerge is a First/Third Person game planned by 2091riveraisrael tellin the Story of U-505 during the United Nazi War Era, where the player takes control of Jean Harrison, a formal University Student, and survivor amongst the Chicago Bombing during the Second Day of the Blitz.

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Setting Edit

The Setting of U-505 Undersea, is set during the 4 Year United Nazi War Era, beginning on November 10th 2011, during the Second Day of the Blitz, at Chicago. The Setting than is mostly set on the sea, of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, where the crew of U-505 experiences the Nazi Kriegmarine.

The setting also takes place on Land in Somalia, Germany, New England, and Japan during the Non Cannon Missions. The events of the true Historical Story of U-505 takes place in the Atlantic, Great Lakes, English Channel and Meditteraine Sea, where the Player will be allowed to enter the Non Cannon Missions from each Dry dock that the Submarine enters for resupplies during the Story Missions.

The Game ends on August 13th, 2014, after the Events of Hor Sound, when New England was Liberated, but Non Cannon Missions can be played, while U-505 is shown On the Surface on the way back to New England. The Non Cannon Missions take place on the Final year of the United Nazi War in 2015.

The Plot Line Edit


In the game, during the Story line the Game is separated into 2 Tutorials one, commanding the main character's movements and actions, the other Controlling U-505. Each one is done separately, as the main character is done in the first mission of the Game, where the Player learns how to operation leavers and shoot guns, shoot guns and learn how to operate systems throughout the Ship. The Player will also be given special tasks in order to leave U-505 and go ashore with a team in order to neutralize Nazi Supply lines behind enemy lines, before returning back to the Ship, special missions are the main reason the Player must learn how to use the guns.

First Person TutorialEdit

The Main Character's Tutorial is to the first to be conducted, mostly due to the fact that the Game revolves around more First person than it dose of 3rd person when the player is controlling the Submarine.

The Tutorial starts out when Jean is in school during a Class Field Trip while on a Charter Bus that has just entered the Chicago docks where it was making it's way towards the Museum of Naval history, It would be from here where the Player learns to look around in every direction, after the Bus is attacked and nearly destroyed by a payload dropped from a He-111 Jean is knocked unconcisce but managed to survive the Blast, due to falling out of the window before the Charter exploded.

Upon waking up he witnesses all of Chicago in ruins, and hundreds of U.S Soldiers moving throughout the streets firing shots intO the sky where he soon Sees a Ju-87 Plow them down easily, while destroying 2 Humvees at the same time as well. The Player is than given directions to crawl towards a M16 that was dropped by one of the soldiers and is later given the directions on how to retrieve it and fire it.

After acquiring the M16, the Player learns how to aim down his sights by Shooting down 3-5 Nazi Aircraft that are flying around the sky, but must also remain in cover in order not to be targeted by them, this is where the player learns about the Alert system, if the screen starts turning blurry the Player must get out of sight for he or she is seen by the Nazi's, if the screen remains clear they are not seen.

After running out of Ammo Jean is pinned down by the air forces and has to sprint into the Alley Ways in order to try and lose the Luftwaffe while dodging falling Debris at the same time. After surviving the Alley way, Jean managed to regroup with his Professor, the only known survivor of the Bus attack, but their reunion is cut short when the 2 are nearly smashed by a Ju-88 that was shot out of the sky, Jean than follows Jack Carson off the street and into a Parking Lot where they meet up with 2 German Immigrants, one Otto Von, and the other Bruno Mar, the 2 state to the surviving University student and Professor that the City is coming down and that the Nazi's were every where, they than mention that they have a way out an old ship that was once a Museum ship from the Museum of Space and Time.

Jack agrees with the 2, and the four make their way towards the U-505, using the Insides to screen their movements from the attacking Luftwaffe outside that were destroying everything.

At one point Ruble falls onto Jean, and the player has to start pressing buttons in order to try and remove it, but it is to heavy. Jack Otto, and Bruno than arrive and managed to lift the ruble off of Jean and the four continue on as the Building starts to collapse from the Bombings outside, they make out in time than watch as a large U.S Convoy makes it's way through the destroyed streets, but are quickly bombed out of sight when He-111's bombed the nearby Buildings surrounding the Convoy causing the ruble to bury all but one who survived with only a leg injury.

After helping the soldier up and nearly escaping gun fire from Me-121's, the four enter an SUV, where the Soldier identifies himself as Pvt Jake Genesis, and that the forces who were attacking the City were Nazi Germany, for he also states that they have Invaded them a day before on November 9th, stating that the Country is under attack, and it's the second Day of the Invasion.

Just than the 4 make it to the Docks while using the Sewers for cover, where they arrive at the sight of U-505 but are horrified to see the Docks as a fiery Inferno like every where else in the City. Otto states that there is nothing they can do, and that they must move on, but Bruno states that they can do something about it causing the 2 to get into argument, that was quickly separated by Jack.

The 5 make it into the Ship hanger where they see the U-505 elevated due to the Ramp being destroyed hours earlier, and a crew of about 10 random citizens, waiting. The Jean than climbs up to the deck of the ship that is hoisted by cranes about 20 feet from the ground, and is ordered to take control of the Ships anti Air Turret, from here the player learns how to enter and exit Turrets or any other mounted guns.

Jean than shoots down 20=14 Nazi Fighters, but a JU-88 destroys the couplings keeping the Submarine up causing it to drop down into the water below with a large Splash.

After the ships decent into the bay, jean was than ordered by Jack, to cover 2091riveraisrael and Zero as they make their way back aboard the Ship, This is where the player learns about Character health Bars and how they must cover them until they are aboard or out of sight of the enemy, if the health bar goes dark the mission ends in failure. 2091riveraisrael & Zero after almost a near death experience concerning the cranes, began to quickly make their way back towards Sub using a piece of Debris that collapsed during the large Splash of the ships impact. As 2091riveraisrael and Zero made aboard, the Hanger starts to collapse all around the Ship as the 3 Civilian mechanics attempt to start the old engine.

While trying to start the engine, Jean is than ordered by Jack to fire at all incoming Debris in order to prevent the ship from being buried, this is where the Player learns of the U-505 Durability bar in which shows how much damage teh Ship takes, if dropped to Zero the Ship will sink ending the mission in failure. Though hard to do he was able to shoot down several debris shards from the roof top, but some managed to splash near the ship getting Jean wet. Despite this a JU-87 G, Dive Bomber destroyed the main supports of the hanger causing a cave in, but the ship managed to move and escape just before the destruction.

Upon entering the bay, Jean has to shoot down as many Nazi Planes as possible along side Gerry Larkson, who had the Upper Anti Air Turret, while he had the lower. As the Sub made it's way into deeper water so that it could dive out of range of the Nazi Luftwaffe, the Luftwaffe began to pound the bay with hundreds of Bombs destroying multiple Tankers, Cruise ships and Coast Guard Vessels, the U.S Navy was engaged as well with the Luftwaffe, but were getting sunk easily.

While en route the Screw inside the Ship maneuver the Ship around destroyed US Coast Guard vessels, while covering Naval ships as well. The Plan of escape shifted to defense of the US naval ships as U-505 instead diverted back to the City bay, after Bruno and Jack agreed to not let any one else die, even if they did have a Submarine.

As Jack ordered, Jean and Gerry to cover the US Fleet, the Sub almost has a near collision with the USS Noble, that was just bombed by 3 Ju-87's, it also almost evaded a Shot down He-111 as it crashed only about 2 inches away from the sub but luckily did not damage the Hull.

2091riveraisrael than orders on Jeans behalf to try and strike the Lower attacking Ju-87's for they could cause the most damage than any other air plane. Jean shoots down all Planes before they reach U-505, and just before one was about to surprise both gunners, F22's arrive out of the sky where they engage the Luftwaffe over Chicago, and the Harbor.

With the US Air force finally arriving, Jean and Gerry are ordered by Jack to return back aboard the ship as the Sub was about to Dive, Jean and Gerry than enter the sub as U-505 dove and disappeared beneath the waves, ending the combat part of the First Person Tutorial.

First Person Submarine TutorialEdit

As the player competes the official Combat side of the First Person part, the Player now will learn how to operate controls while Inside the Ship. Throughout most of the game the Player is mostly inside U-505, and often able to choose missions from the Ships briefing room, or Fall a sleep in order to save a game. During Story missions the Player is acquired to do as Jack says throughout the mission acquiring the Player to either fire the Torpedos, Watch the Radar, or launch the Ballast tanks, if not than the player is able to roam freely throughout U-505 as the Characters have discussions on Nazi Germany's still existence and the bombing of Chicago.

However the Story Missions are done automatically until the end of the game, where the Player can roam freely aboard the Ship and conduct Non Cannon Battles with U-505.

The First Story Mission appears when Jean is ordered by Jack to enter the Ships briefing room, where 2091riveraisrael states that Nazi Germany had gained ground all over New England and Manhattan has entirely been over run. Zero states that New England is lost and that the only thing Americans could do now was fight. Jack manages to calm the crew down stating that they were heading over to Boston now, but a large Blip appears on Bruno's hearing System in which all crew men were forced to go into position, with aide from the 2 Germans to help translate the labels. The Player from hear learns how to watch the newly design Radar that was placed in the ship, if a Blip is shown the Player would hit a certain Button where he records the position of it's Presence, if a certain number of Notes are done, the player presses the Completion button, and his job on the Radar is done.

After listening closer Bruno realized that the contact was no longer a Sub, but a Whale. As U-505 passes by a large bout of Whales up to the hundreds, bot large and small, realizing their's no threat, Jean is ordered to aide Jake with his leg injury. This is where the player learns about Medical Revival in the game incase a Character is down, or is about to die.

After aiding Jake with his leg injury, a soft thumb is heard out side the Ship, stating that a whale had accidentally bumped into the vessel, while moving along the Bout.

After aiding Jake, Jean is than ordered back to the Bridge, where he was given the option to check the surface if they were close to Boston yet, Upon raising the Periscope he is horrified to see the City being over run with nothing Refugee ships up to the hundreds trying to escape the Harbor. Upon seeing it and learning from Bruno that multiple Nazi U-Boats are blocking the fleet of Refugee ships, Jack orders Zero and Jean into the Torpedo tubes in order to help try and cover the fleet of Refugee Ships by drawing the Nazi U-Boat Wolf packs away from the Harbor.

It would be here where the player will learn to take control of the Torpedo tubes, while following Zero's instructions to do so. After firing multiple Torpedos, with Zero as 2091riveraisrael continues to watch the surface, the player soon learns how to place a war head in the once propped Torpedos in order to get them workin again however while the events of The fight were going on with 2091riveraisrael talkin about it most of tHe time while watchin with the Periscope, the events turn tragic when the HMS New Gets sunk and destroyed after sacrificing it self to allow the Refugee ships to escape.

Jean after Zero takes a look through the Periscope as the ship made it's way away from boston realizing New England was lost, Jack ordered U-505 to follow the refugee ships to their destination where they would remain there until the Us Military removes Nazi Germany from New England.

This marked the end of the First Person Submarine Part and full Tutorial of First Person, marking the beginning of Act 1 which can now be access due to it being unlocked from following the Tutorials first.

Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit

Act 3Edit

Non Cannon MissionsEdit

U-505 MapEdit

  • Mine Destruction
  • Antarctica Raid
  • Piracy of the Grenam
  • Aerial Defense
  • Piracy on U-403

London Dry Docks MapEdit

  • English Channel Patrol
  • Escorting The HMS Majesty
  • Raid on St Pierre
  • Ship Hunting
  • Carrier Warfare

Ontario Dock MapEdit

  • Defense of Port Roland
  • Decommissioning
  • Slitting the Wolf Pack
  • CHMS Rena
  • Waters of Canada

South Africa Dock MapEdit

  • Seas of Afghanistan
  • Limpin the Nile
  • Somali Pirate Hunting
  • Convoy Guard Shark
  • Shelling of Henena

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